About Lisbon Addictions 2017

Practical information including directions to the venue (PDF)

Lisbon Addictions 2017, the second European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, is a multidisciplinary conference that provides a forum for networking across the addictions.

Over 600 participants from 58 countries attended Lisbon Addictions 2015. The conference sold out several months before the event. See presentations and posters

Once again, the conference will be jointly organised by the Portuguese General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (SICAD), the journal Addiction, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE).

Press release

(19 July 2017) Lisbon hosts Second European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies (PDF) — English, Portuguese

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Download programme (PDF) – Last update 18.10.17

Guidelines for presenters and chairs (PDF)

The programme is organised/developed around plenary sessions, oral presentations in open sessions, structured sessions (symposia/panel discussions/workshops) and poster presentations. Sessions are scheduled in different time slots commencing Tuesday 24 October and closing on Thursday 26 October. All participants should ensure their availability for all time slots.

Keynote speakers and chairs

Joël Billieux

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology, Head of Addictive and Compulsive Behaviour Lab, Institute for Health and Behaviour, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Henrietta Bowden-Jones

Consultant Psychiatrist, Director and Lead Clinician, National Problem Gambling Clinic. Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London, UK

Torbjørn K. Brekke

Senior Drug Policy Advisor, Ministry of Health and Care Services, Department of Public Health, Oslo, Norway

Chloé Carpentier

Chief, Drug Research Section, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Austria

Catherine Comiskey

Professor in Healthcare Modelling, School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Dublin, Trinity College, Ireland

Louisa Degenhardt

NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Alexis Goosdeel

Director, European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA), Lisbon, Portugal

João Goulão

Director, Serviço de Intervenção nos Comportamentos Aditivos e nas Dependências (SICAD), Lisbon, Portugal

Christopher Jones

Acting Associate Deputy Assistant Secretary, Science and Data Policy, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, Department of Health and Human Services, USA

Sabrina Molinaro

ESPAD Coordinator, Head of Epidemiology and Health Research Lab, Institute for Clinical Physiology, National Research Council, Italy

Ann McNeill

Professor of Tobacco Addiction, National Addiction Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King's College London, UK

Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School, RAND Corporation, USA

Letizia Paoli

Full Professor of Criminology, Faculty of Law, University of Leuven, Belgium

Vladimir Poznyak

Coordinator, Management of Substance Abuse, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, World Health Organization

Alexandre Quintanilha

President of the Ethics Committee for Clinical Research. President of the Parliamentary Commission on Education and Science, Portugal

Jürgen Rehm

Senior Director, Institute for Mental Health Policy Research, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada

Alison Ritter

Professor and Director, Drug Policy Modelling Program, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales, Australia

Werner Sipp

Consultant, former President of the International Narcotics Control Board of the United Nations, Germany

Rainer Spanagel

Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Scientific Director, Institute of Psychopharmacology, Central Institute of Mental Health, Heidelberg University, Germany

Kerstin Stenius

Research Manager, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki. Docent, Helsinki University, Finland.Researcher, Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Ute Stiegel

Deputy Head of Unit, Organised crime and drugs policy, European Commission - DG HOME

Jallal Toufiq

The Moroccan Observatory on Drugs and Addictions, Morocco

Speaker 6

Marie Claire Van Hout

Professor of Public Health Policy and Practice, Public Health Institute, Liverpool John Moore's University, UK


You can find below a calendar of drug-related events around the world, including conferences, exhibitions, visits to the EMCDDA and internal meetings. New events are added as information becomes available.

Alcohol – informing prevention and policy
Title of presentation Author
Law of Alcohol – Two sides of the coin: consumers and retailers Elsa Lavado
Alcohol marketing: how to regulate? A comparative analysis Marieke Vlaemynck
Attitudes towards alcohol policy across Europe – results of the RARHA SEAS study Jacek Moskalewicz
Alcohol marketing in Portugal: alcohol industry and government strategies in the 21st century Hilson Cunha Filho
The measurement of problems and trends
Title of presentation Author
Measuring problematic cannabis use in the general population: conception, use and future of the cannabis abuse screening test (CAST) Stéphane Legleye
Changes in cultural patterns of drugs use throughout three generations of the Portuguese population – 1950,1975 and 2000 Casimiro Balsa
Cannabis epidemic or return of opoid problems or decrease of high risk drug use among young adults in Austria Martin Busch
Longitudinal trajectories of polydrug use among adolescents: Two-year follow-up Martínez-Loredo, V.
Treatment demand indicator: experience of its implementation in Nigeria Dominique Lopez
A focus on pharmacotherapy
Title of presentation Author
Exploration of the benefits of methadone treatment for dual users of heroin and crack who inject or have previously injected drugs Felicia Heidebrecht
Characteristics and response to treatment among Indigenous people receiving injectable opioids for the treatment of long-term opioid-dependence Heather Palis
Sustained-release dexamfetamine in the treatment of chronic cocaine-dependent patients on heroin-assisted treatment a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Mascha Nuijten / Peter Blanken
Take-home naloxone: Pharmacokinetics of a novel nasal spray in development in Europe  Rebecca McDonald
Evaluating the impact of prescribed versus non-prescribed benzodiazepine use in opioid substitution therapy: Results from a population-based retrospective cohort study Joseph K. Eibl
Gambling – behavioural insights
Title of presentation Author
Problem Gambling in Adolescence: an Analysis Conducted from the Actor’s Perspective Annie-Claude Savard
Concepts and constructs
Title of presentation Author
A transdiagnostic dimensional approach towards a neurocognitive assessment for addiction: An international Delphi consensus study Prof. Murat Yücel
Putting the brain in its place Susanne Uusitalo; Jaakko Kuorikoski
'Nonproblematic' illicit drug use: a less known but not less important phenomenon Olga Souza Cruz
Constructing alcohol-related problems – attitudes of social workers and their clients Elina Renko
Social cognition and interaction in substance addiction
Title of presentation Author
Mind-reading impairment in crack- cocaine users: a fMRI study with effects of early life stress Rodrigo Grassi-Oliveira
Methamphetamine use and social cognition Antonio Verdejo-Garcia
Emotion, alcohol and addiction Salvatore Campanella
Social functioning in heroin users: deficits and treatments Celia Morgan
Non-medical prescription opioid use & its impact on social cognition & social pain Sara Liane Kroll
Early warning for new psychoactive substances (NPS)
Title of presentation Author
The EU Early Warning System 20 years of monitoring New Psychoactive Substances in Europe Rachel Christie
National Drug Early Warning System (NDEWS): evolving drug early warning systems in a new world of drug production, distribution, and use Erin Artigiani
Development and Activity Profiling of Synthetic Cannabinoids and Their Metabolites with a Newly Developed Bioassay. Annelies Cannaert
The Value of Early-Warning Carfentanil Deaths in Europe Helgi Danielsson
The Portuguese decriminalisation model: a comprehensive approach
Title of presentation Author
Decriminalisation Policy and the role of the CDT Américo Gegaloto
Guidelines for dissuasion intervention: a health and preventive approach Raquel Lopes
CDT Porto Dissuasion Intervention, Priority Groups and the Role of Stakeholders Purificação Anjos
Portuguese Commissions for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction: perspectives of indicted drug users on their role in drug use Ludmila Carapinha
Drug users’ assessment of the enforcement of Portuguese drug decriminalisation law and predictors of drug use Jorge Quintas
Symposium on the future of addiction research: an overview
Title of presentation Author
Using Artificial Intelligence for data synthesis & interpretation: The Human Behaviour Change Project Susan Michie
Bayesian ‘multi-parameter evidence synthesis’ in addictions research Hayley E. Jones
ITERATIVE CATEGORIzATION (ic): a system for improving transparency in analysing qualitative data Joanne Neale
All drinking is not equal: Drinking occasions as the unit of analysis for understanding alcohol consumption John Holmes
Improving replicability in addiction research Robert West
New psychoactive substances (NPS) – a challenge for responses
Title of presentation Author
The German new psychoactive substance law (NPSG): perceived and expected outcomes in the first stage of implementation Tessa-Virginia Hannemann
NPS current health-related practices and challenges in responding to use and harms in Europe Alessandro Pirona
Responses to the problem of ‘legal highs’ in Poland and their consequences Krzysztof Krajewski
Title of presentation Author
Understanding Addiction: A Health Inequalities and Social Harms Perspective Aileen O’Gorman
Maternal Substance Use And Child Protection: A Rapid Evidence Assessment Of Factors Associated With Loss Of Child Care Martha Canfield
Holistic approaches
Title of presentation Author
Patient centered care for injectable opioid assisted treatment Kirsten Marchand
Boxing Clever: evaluation of a community based inter-agency education and fitness substance use intervention program Sarah Morton
Efficacy of case management for persons with substance use disorders: a Cochrane update Wouter Vanderplasschen
Impact of regulations
Title of presentation Author
Implications of monitoring alcohol marketing for public health and policy Carina Ferreira-Borges
Evaluating the effect of full legalization on the medical cannabis market: Implications for the European Healthcare System Davide Fortin
To use or not to use? An exploration of cannabis use motives and constraints Liz Temple
Therapy for nicotine addiction
Title of presentation Author
The efficacy of Behavioral Activation and voucher-based Contingency Management for cigarette smokers with depression: a Randomized Controlled Trial Alba González-Roz
Smoking cessation treatment and risk of longer term health outcomes in the Clinical Practice Research Datalink Kyla Thomas
Predicting treatment outcome: An examination of the mechanism of action of two pre-quit smoking cessation pharmacotherapies Stuart Ferguson
Setting standards in the addiction field: a view from Europe
Title of presentation Author
An Empirical Basis To Diagnose Gambling And Gaming Disorders Karl Mann
A Comparison between National Guidelines for Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder Conor K Farren
EUFAS survey 2017 - Medical cannabis in Europe Jørgen G. Bramness
European quality standards in drug demand reduction: how to monitor implementation?
Title of presentation Author
The role of standards on quality of treatment of drug use Lubomir Okruhlica
Experiences of implementation of EU Prevention Quality Standards Harry Sumnall
Role of training for the implementation of quality standards and how to design assessment Matej Košir
Gambling and gaming 2.0: one and the same?
Title of presentation Author
Reframing the gambling field: epistemological and methodological shifts and the study of the gambling/gaming convergence Sylvia Kairouz
Business Models of Gaming and Gambling and how they Converge Ingo Fiedler
Spectrum Model of Social Casino Gaming/Gambling: Understanding the Convergence Jennifer Reynolds
Global surveillance of prescription drug misuse: multisystem data networks throughout Europe, the United Kingdom and North America
Title of presentation Author
The evolution of the opioid abuse epidemic in North America Richard C. Dart
The landscape of prescription drug misuse in the UK David M Wood
The Euro-Drug Emergencies Network (Euro-DEN): ED presentations with acute toxicity related to the misuse of prescription medicines Paul I. Dargan
The European experience: prescription drug misuse in France, Germany, Italy and Spain Jody L. Green
No one gets left behind: addressing the hidden burden of hepatitis C related advanced liver disease in PWID in the community in Dublin, Ireland
Title of presentation Author
HepCheck: To enhance HCV screening of PWID John Lambert
Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment in Primary Care Walter Cullen
Developing a Community Peer Support model to improve access to HCV treatments for PWID Lar Murphy
Political and ethical implications of the brain disease model of addiction
Title of presentation Author
Popular promises of progress: The articulation of BDMA in the media Anna Alanko; Matilda Hellman,
Diagnosing the BDMA Jaakko Kuorikoski; Susanne Uusitalo,
Gambling and the brain Janne Nikkinen
Advancing theory and treatment approaches for males in substance use treatment who perpetrate intimate partner violence
Title of presentation Author
Advancing theory and treatment approaches for males in substance use treatment who perpetrate intimate partner violence Gail Gilchrist
Addressing smoking and related behaviours
Title of presentation Author
Relative Reinforcing Efficacy of Cigarettes among depressed and non-depressed smokers Alba González-roz
The prospective association between smoking and electronic cigarette use in a cohort of young people in Great Britain Katherine East
Young adults report increased pleasure from using e-cigarettes and smoking tobacco cigarettes when drinking alcohol Johannes Thrul
Alcohol – assessment
Title of presentation Author
Validation of alcohol consumption self-reports in the Munich Composite International Diagnostic Interview (M-CIDI) Sören Kuitunen-Paul
Screening for moderate/high risk alcohol use among opioid dependent patients on buprenorphine maintenance: a clinical and alcohol-biomarker study Suresh Thapaliya
Emotion regulation and cognitive control in alcohol dependence Svetlana G. Klimanova
Neuropsychological performance in patients with SUD with and without mood disorders Irma Höijer
Addiction – the link with crime and offending
Title of presentation Author
Recidivism of female systematic offenders Dr. Eric Blaauw
Predicting offending after residential rehabilitation Birgitte Thylstrup
«You, of all people» Interviews with ten nurses who lost their medical license due to prescription drug use and theft from the work place Oda Sjøvoll
´If the person doesn’t drink they are one person, if they drink they are another´. How men in treatment for substance use in England and Brazil account for perpetrating intimate partner violence Polly Radcliffe
Improving responses to hepatitis C virus
Title of presentation Author
Efficacy and safety of sofosbuvir/velpatasvir in people with chronic hepatitis C virus infection and recent injecting drug use: The SIMPLIFY study Jason Grebely
Hepatitis C antibody and RNA prevalence among opiate substituted patients in Germany: Results from the nationwide ECHO-Study Bernd Schulte
Associations of HIV and HCV with prison history among people who inject drugs in Europe and beyond Lucas Wiessing
Modelling the Impact of Interventions Targeting High-­‐‑Risk Populations on the HCV Epidemic in Resource-­‐‑Limited Settings Aaron G. Lim
Drug use and infectious diseases: reviewing the evidence
Title of presentation Author
Needle syringe programmes and opioid substitution therapy for prevention HCV transmission among people who inject drugs: Cochrane Systematic Review Matthew Hickman
Recent incarceration and risk of hepatitis C and HIV transmission amongst people who inject drugs: A systematic review and meta-analysis Jack Stone
The efficacy of psychosocial interventions to reduce sexual and drug blood borne virus risk behaviours among people who inject drugs: A systematic review and meta-analysis Gail Gilchrist
Coverage of HIV and HCV prevention interventions for people who inject drugs Sarah Larney
Perspectives on policy
Title of presentation Author
Evaluation of drug laws and policies by means of indicators and data regarding minor subjects, PDUs…... Carla Rossi
Informing a strategic plan for children of parents who use substances within a defined community Catherine Comiskey
Modeling the impact of the Mexican drug law reform on HIV incidence among people who inject drugs (PWID) in Tijuana, Mexico. Annick Bórquez
UN drug agenda Post 2019 - What to expect from the UNGASS process Danilo Ballotta
New psychoactive substances – trends and developments
Title of presentation Author
Changing patterns of new and emerging psychoactive substances in Australia Rachel Sutherland
New drug use trends in Germany? Elena Gomes de Matos
New Psychoactive Substances in Portugal - Trends and approaches Susana Henriques
French media and new psychoactive substances: is a new discourse emerging? Julie-Emilie Adès
Prevention – theory and practice
Title of presentation Author
Online prevention of substance abuse among students with eCHUG-D Marion Laging
High School Finalists Trip: preventing risk behaviour for young people Irma Brito
Understanding and intervening on addiction stigma Karsten Lunze
Learning from success:The implementation and evaluation of the Israeli national program to reduce problem drinking of alcohol among children and youth 2010-2016 Yossi Harel-Fisch
Integrating care models and partnerships
Title of presentation Author
Multi-setting community-based interventions to reduce population level harms arising from alcohol and other drug use. Emily Stockings
A cross-sectoral integrated care approach to addiction and homeless services: the experience from southern Ireland Joe Kirby
Integrating Hepatitis C Treatment in Primary Care Walter Cullen
Fast Track Opiate Agonist Treatment (OAT) for Homeless, Americans Marcia Tanur
The New Privatized Market for alcohol and drug treatment – growing challenges in regard to inconsistent principles and fumbling steering models Jessica Storbjörk
Cannabis and driving – feedback from the international symposium
Title of presentation Author
nforming an evidence-based cannabis and driving policy Kim Wolff
Cannabis and driving: a case study of Colorado Glenn Davis
Cannabis and driving: a case study of Washington State Darrin Grondel
Cannabis and driving: a case study of the Netherlands Jan Ramaekers
Moving interventions online
Title of presentation Author
Exploring online problem gamblers' motivation to change Ayna Johansen
Assessing readiness to implement web-based interventions for the prevention and/or reduction of substance use at ten universities in Germany – results of the DIOS-project Claudia Pischke
Characteristics of gamblers using a national help-line for problem gambling in France between 2010 and 2015 Stéphane Darbeda
YouTube presence of an addiction medicine service: what works? Gerard Calzada
A focus on methodology
Title of presentation Author
Beyond Voluntary Consent: Ethical dilemmas in a clinical trial testing the effectiveness of injectable opioid assisted treatment for long-term opioid dependence Kirsten Marchand
Different modes of data collection, different results? Clara Vital
The absurdity of asking people about opinions they do not yet have Alfred Uhl
Ethical Inquiry into Cannabis Pilot Projects Susanne Uusitalo
The use of licit and illicit drugs and the workplace: defining a model of survey questionnaire  
Neuroscience – new findings
Title of presentation Author
Alteration to Hippocampal Volume and Shape Confined to Cannabis Dependence: A Multisite Study Yann Chye
Locomotor sensitization to cocaine and methamphetamine in Drosophila melanogaster Rozi Andretic Waldowski
Using functional near infrared spectroscopy to identify neural activity during cue-elicited in a real-life setting Flora Colledge
Accumulation of Highly Stable ΔFosB-Isoforms and Its Targets inside the Reward System of Chronic Drug Abusers – A Source of Dependence-Memory and High Relapse Rate? Monika Heidemarie Seltenhammer
Anabolic androgenic steroid dependence and brain structure Lisa Evju Hauger
Alcohol – issues for treatment
Title of presentation Author
Is dialectical behavior therapy skills training a therapeutic alternative in alcohol use disorder and personality disorders comorbidity treatment? Marco Cavicchioli
Outpatient addiction treatment for alcohol use disorder: what makes patients who dropped out different from those who did not? Vincent Wagner
Effectiveness of brief intervention for moderate/high risk alcohol use among patients on buprenorphine maintenance: a clinical and alcohol-biomarker study Suresh Thapaliya
Characteristics and significance of professional-led support groups in the treatment of alcoholism Ana Opačić, Tereza Oreb
Local perspectives – local responses
Title of presentation Author
Interaction and interplay between rapid assessment (HKH) and a local monitoring system (BEWS) Liv Flesland
Anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) and associated drugs: new insights into the extent of use, harms and responses
Title of presentation Author
Anabolic steroids: a global public health perspective James McVeig
Anabolic steroid and substance use among prisoners - findings from a Norwegian national prison survey Ingrid Havnes
Outline of a typology of men’s use of anabolic androgenic steroids in fitness and strength training environments Dimitris Liokaftos
An investigation of cognitive functions in long-term AAS-using and non-using weightlifters Astrid Bjørnebekk
Treatment and information needs among AAS users with health problems. Christine Wisløff
Prevalence of alcohol, tobacco and drug use in the mediterranean region among school aged children – the MEDSPAD network
Title of presentation Author
Regional key findings Elisa Benedetti
Drug use among Moroccan Youth: Medspad Surveys Jallal Toufiq
Legal, social and economic aspects that impact on prevalence of substance use, in Tunisia Hajer Aounallah-Skhiri
Prevalence of Alcohol, Tobacco and drug use among school aged children in Algeria Salah ABDENNOURI
The social epidemiology of alcohol and drug use among Israeli school-aged children: Recent developments and current challenges Yossi Harel-Fisch
Open discussion on the future of addiction research
Title of presentation Author
‘Drinking occasions’ as the unit of analysis for understanding alcohol consumption Paul Toner
Using Artificial Intelligence for data synthesis and interpretation: The Human Behaviour Change Project. Felix Naughton
Iterative categorisation (IC): a system for improving transparency in analysing qualitative data Caitlin Notley
Improving replicability in addiction research Tom Freeman
ATTUNE: understanding pathways to stimulant use: a mixed-methods examination of the individual, social and cultural factors shaping illicit stimulant use across Europe
Title of presentation Author
Introduction to the EU ATTUNE study: an overview of the mixed method design and its rationale Marcus-Sebastian Martens
Which individual, social and environmental influences shape different pathways of amphetamine type stimulant use over the life course? Amy O’Donnell / Michelle Addison
ATTUNE: Understanding Pathways To Stimulant Use A Mixed-methods Examination Of The Individual, Social And Cultural Factors Shaping Illicit Stimulant Use Across Europe Roman Gabrhelik
Exploring trajectories of ATS use from life events and substance use timelines in qualitative interviews Nienke Liebregts
Design, methods and instruments of the forthcoming quantitative study arm Magdalena Rowicka
Biomarkers in addiction: the experience of the Spanish network on addiction research
Title of presentation Author
Serotoninergic biomarkers in substance dependent patients with comorbid depression Marta Torrens
Changes in the serum metabolites of tryptophan in abstinent cocaine and alcohol users and their relationship with co-morbid disorders Rebeca Vidal
PsyGeNET a new tool to investigate genetic targets in psychiatric disorders and drug addiction Olga Valverde
Stress and neuroimmune response as biomarkers of cocaine and alcohol used disorders Marta Rodríguez Arias
Acylethanolamides and chemokines as biomarkers of addiction: a link to neuroinflammation?  
Addiction in daily life: mobile assessment and treatment
Title of presentation Author
Addiction in daily life: mobile assessment and treatment Ingmar Franken
Cognitive measures in EMA research Andrew Jones
EMA Outcome Measures in a Clinical Trial Ilse Verveer
Smartphone apps for the treatment of addictive disorders Yasser Khazaal
Discussion: Addiction in daily life: mobile assessment and treatment Matt Field
Measuring addictions – a question of scale
Title of presentation Author
Expanding the global profile of people who inject drugs: Summarising recent reviews Louisa Degenhardt
The Harms of Drug Supply: Why and How to Assess Them Letizia Paoli
The Opioid Epidemic:HHS Response Christopher M. Jones
Cannabis – shifts in the regulatory framework
Title of presentation Author
Understanding the new cannabis regulatory frameworks Ivana Obradovic
Are The Times A-Changin’? Trends in Adolescent Substance Use in Europe Ludwig Kraus
Descriptive e-cigarette norms on tobacco attitudes and smoking behavior: The importance of close friends and peers William D. Crano
Pathways to future Drug policies – the interesting case of decriminalization: a scoping review Marta Pinto
A work in progress? Understanding the development and current features of the CSC model in Belgium Mafalda Pardal
Understanding drug-related mortality
Title of presentation Author
Mortality risk during and after opioid substitution treatment: systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies Marica Ferri
Rates, causes and predictors of death among drug users in France: invisibility of fatal overdoses Anne-Claire Brisacier
Methamphetamine-related death in Australia: A national 7 year study Shane Darke
Alcohol – targeting the young
Title of presentation Author
Attentional bias between light and heavy drinking college students Alexandra Ghita
Sensation seeking and adolescent alcohol use: exploring the mediating role of unstructured socializing with peers Sharon Sznitman
Prevention of alcohol abuse in college students Carla Adriana Rocha
Alcohol: raising awareness and action-research on heavy episodic drinking among low income youth and young adults in Southern Europe Helena Carvalho
Associations between personal and perceived peer use and attitudes towards substance use among German university students Stefanie Maria Helmer
Improving responses to opioid users and people who inject drugs (PWID)
Title of presentation Author
Postal based harm reduction service for hard-to-reach injecting drug users Thomas Nefau
Diagnosis and treatment of HCV infection: a tool of engagement for people who inject drugs (PWID) David Truong
The revision of Germany’s federal legal framework for opioid substitution treatment Kenan Maric-Horstmeyer
The German medical association’s revised guidelines for OST: legal framework, treatment regulations and scientific rationale Wilfried Kunstmann
Towards a long-term perspective: analysis of treatment participation in opioid substitution therapy in four European regions Carlos Nordt
20 years of ESPAD: trends in adolescents ́ substance use and risk behaviours, what have we learnt?
Title of presentation Author
“Prevalence study, ESPAD 2015” Tentative title: The role of national policies and perceived availability for the use of alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis among European students Håkan Leifman
Students at Risk of Substance Use: Latent Class Risk and Protective Factor Profiles Pavla Chomynová
Do misusers of medicinal psychotropic drugs form a distinctive group among the adolescent-student population in Europe? A latent class analysis Anastasios Fotiou
Prevalence of youth gambling and potential influence of substance use and other risk factors in 35 countries across Europe: First results from the 2015 ESPAD study Sabrina Molinaro
New psychoactive substance use in young poly substance using Europeans Harry Sumnall
How the opioid problem is changing: the role of misused medicines and the emergence of novel synthetic opioids
Title of presentation Author
‘New’ synthetic opioids in Europe:perspective from the EU EWS Rita Jorge
Misuse of opioids in Europe Cathy Stannard
The U.S. opioid epidemic: a perspective on trends and responses from the U.S. NDEWS E. Erin Artigiani
The use and unintended consequences of pharmaceutical opioids in Australia? Michael Farrell
Wastewater-based drug epidemiology of illicit drugs, new psychoactive substances and the misuse of medication as a supplement to traditional data-sources
Title of presentation Author
Review of the existing European network with summary of all data, and overview of future international programs Kevin V. Thomas
Comparison of data from WBE with other sources Frederic Been
Detection of new psychoactive substances (NPS) use across Europe Sara Castiglioni
Assessing prescription drug abuse using functional principal component analysis (FPCA) of wastewater data Jørgen Bramness
Review of the uncertainties in WBE. Christoph Ort
Review of the effectiveness of treatment alternatives to incarceration for drug-involved persons
Title of presentation Author
Capacity building and unexpected positive impact of emerging new profession of addiction specialist on preventive measures in prison system: a case study Michal Miovsky
The Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) for Addiction Treatment Professionals Melody M. Heaps
Effectiveness of Treatment Alternatives to Incarceration for Drug-Involved Persons Roger H. Peters
Online surveys of drug users: proceed with caution
Title of presentation Author
European Web Survey on Drugs: patterns of use Nicola Singleton, João Matias
Facebook ads as recruitment for online drug surveys: the Holy Grail? Dijana Jerković
The Global Drug Survey - How online methods and independence offer alternative perspectives on drug use Prof. Adam R. Winstock; Dr. Larissa J. Maier
Reliability & validity issues in European web survey in Czech Republic Katerina Skarupova
Estimating cannabis demand: use of online surveys to capture use patterns Margriet van Laar
Spotlight on the misuse of medicines
Title of presentation Author
Is misuse of benzodiazepines among high-risk drug users an overlooked public health issue? Dominique Lopez
Medication use and misuse among illicit drug users in France Aurélie Lermenier-Jeannet
Orienting the Appropriate Treatment of Pain in Detained Drug Users: Indications from a Retrospective Study Felice Nava
Gabapentin diversion and misuse in the United States from a law enforcement perspective: Diversion rates 2002-2015 and qualitative research findings Mance E. Buttram
New methods
Title of presentation Author
New perspectives for knowledge generation and exploitation using web surveys: the example of volume estimation in wastewater epidemiology Robin Udrisard
High risk drug use and NPS in Europe Jane Mounteney
Online drug forum sentiment analysis Dr. Matthijs Blankers
National estimation of the prevalence of problem drug use: revisiting and extending multiplier methods in a multi-parameter evidence synthesis framework Hayley Jones
Development of a national wastewater drug monitoring program in Australia Jake O’Brien
Focus on pregnancy and the neonate
Title of presentation Author
The opioid exposed infant 0-36 months Anna Maria Vella
Alcohol drinking in pregnancy: some predictors among Portuguese women Ludmila Carapinha
Cannabis use during pregnancy and risk of adverse neonatal outcomes: a longitudinal cohort study Svetlana Skurtveit
Drug use and migration
Title of presentation Author
Cross-sectional and longitudinal studies to determine the potential for clinically meaningful khat use disorder and withdrawal syndromes Raimondo Bruno
Social profiles, drug use practices and HCV exposure of Russian-speaking migrants in France M. Jauffret-Roustide
The representation of non-Belgians in national drug treatment Eva Blomme
Drug consumption rooms : issues of social acceptability in French public debate Marie Jauffret-Roustide
Crime and violence
Title of presentation Author
Violence, fraud, legal risks and avoidance strategies in small-scale drug markets Bernd Werse
Cash and carry: the high cost of currency smuggling in the drug trade Melvin Soudijn
The prevalence and factors associated with ever perpetrating intimate partner violence by men receiving substance use treatment in Brazil and England: a cross-cultural comparison Gail Gilchrist
The severity of intimate partner violence perpetration towards current partner in the past 12 months: characteristics of men in treatment for substance use Martha Canfield
Substance Abuse and Violent Crime: An Analysis of the Psychopharmacological Model in a Sample of United States Inmates Michele Pich
Opiate Substitution Therapy (OST) and mortality
Title of presentation Author
Mortality and causes of death in an ageing Norwegian OMT cohort Ivar Skeie
Mortality during Opioid Maintenance Treatment in Norway in the years 2014 and 2015 Anne Bech
Modeling the potential impact of providing ART and OAT in prison and upon release on HIV incidence among PWID in Tijuana, Mexico Annick Bórquez
Opioid overdose mortality trends in Australia Amanda Roxburgh
The impact of buprenorphine and methadone on mortality: a primary care cohort study in the United Kingdom Matthew Hickman
Take-home naloxone: taking drug users seriously
Title of presentation Author
Overdose deaths: diverging trends among heterogeneous groups of victims Isabelle Giraudon
New non-injectable naloxone products: Global overview Rebecca McDonald
Experiences from a national overdose prevention strategy: Nasal naloxone distribution and lessons learned Philipp Lobmaier
Opt-out versus opt-in: should take-home naloxone be required as safe clinical practice? John Strang
Take-home naloxone as integral part of toolkits for public health providers: priorities across settings Dagmar Hedrich
The constructs of addiction
Title of presentation Author
Implicit associations in male and female gamers across different online games are linked to symptoms of Internet Gaming Disorder Christian Laier
Psychological and neurobiological mechanisms underlying the addictive use of specific Internet applications Matthias Brand
Implicit association and craving towards shopping cues in buying disorder Patrick Trotzke
Personal responsibility rhetoric in policy responses to gambling: the views of people with lived experience of gambling addiction Helen Miller
Evaluating impact
Title of presentation Author
ASSIST+Frank: an external pilot cluster randomised control trial James White
Assessment of Drug Treatment in Croatia - results from CATS (Croatian Addiction Treatment Survey) and its implication on new national Drug Policy strategy Zrinka Ćavar
An approach to disinvestment in the field of drug addiction treatment Antonella Camposeragna
Does exposure to opioid substitution treatment in prison reduce the risk of death after release? Matthew Hickman
Developing effective drug treatment
Title of presentation Author
Large variation in measures used to assess outcomes of opioid dependence treatment: A systematic review of longitudinal observational studies Lucas Wiessing
Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors in Drug Treatment Outcomes for Persons in the Criminal Justice System: The Roles of Motivation and Legal Coercion Steven Belenko
Utilization of specialist psychiatric health care services – 15 years follow up of a Norwegian OMT Cohort OMT-COMORB STUDY Bent Monsbakken
Profiles of individuals identified has having a substance use disorder and types of services received after identification Serge Brochu
Perspectives on harm reduction
Title of presentation Author
The needle exchange debate in Stockholm city council and Swedish Parliament during the 21st century Lena Eriksson
The Association Between Residential Eviction and Syringe Sharing among Street-Involved Youth in Vancouver, Canada Andreas Pilarinos
Improving injecting skills and preventing blood borne virus infection in people who inject drugs in the UK: A feasibility randomised control trial of a psychosocial intervention (PROTECT) Gail Gilchrist
The cost-effectiveness of needle and syringe provision in preventing transmission of Hepatitis C Virus in people who inject drugs in the UK Zoë Ward
Responding in the prison setting
Title of presentation Author
Anger management in detained addicts for prevention of both crime and drug use: a controlled cognitive behavioral trial in an attenuate custody prison: a preliminary study Felice Nava
The perfect storm: incarceration and the high-risk environment perpetuating transmission of HIV, hepatitis C virus, and tuberculosis in Eastern Europe and Central Asia Frederick Altice
Drug use in prison: the role of peer educators (8 years of intervention in a Portuguese prison setting) Andreia Nisa
The use of NPS in prison in Europe: what do we know? Consequences and responses Linda Montanari
Assessing the social acceptability of harm reduction scale-up in French prison settings: results from the ANRS-pride research Marie Jauffret-Roustide
Alcohol – social contexts
Title of presentation Author
Prevalence of drug and alcohol use in somatic healthcare - A cross-sectional comparative study Danil Gamboa
Estimating alcohol annual consumption on the basis of population survey Janusz Sierosławski
Context Of Daily Drinking In 18 European Countries. Findings Of The RARHA SEAS Project Katarzyna Okulicz-Kozaryn
Energy Drink and Alcohol mixed Energy Drink use among high school adolescents: Association with risk taking behavior, social characteristics. Sabrina Molinaro
Factors Associated With Binge Drinking In Adolescence: Integrative Literature Review Tereza Barroso
Targeting hard-to-reach client groups for addiction aid in Switzerland – good practice in international perspective
Title of presentation Author
Improvement of the support of addicted persons‘ relatives Petra Baumberger
Difficult-to-reach target groups in addiction aid - what efforts are already taken in Switzerland and what need for action remains? Stefanie Knocks
SafeZone.ch – online counselling on addiction Salomé Steinle
Voices from the margins
Title of presentation Author
Narratives of long term recovery: understanding relational behaviour change Jo Ashby
Co-productive research with substance-using communities Lucy Webb
New psychoactive substances, new service provider challenges: rethinking drug user’s identities, identification and the service response Rob Ralphs
Who supports dying substance users? Drug using identities and end of life care Sarah Galvani
Harm reduction for people who inject drugs in Europe: findings from three major European projects
Title of presentation Author
Health Outcomes for Clients of Needle and Syringe Programs in Prisons: A Systematic Review Prof. Dr. Heino Stöver
No one gets left behind: Addressing the hidden burden of hepatitis C related advanced liver disease in PWID in the community John S. Lambert
Community HIV testing in PWID: data from the COBATEST network Laura Fernàndez-López
Pilot Condom Distribution in Czech Prison Viktor Mravčík
Hepatitis C Testing, Care and Treatment at Harm Reduction Centres in the European Union: a 28-Country Survey of Service Providers Prof Jeffrey V. Lazarus
Health and social responses to drug problems in Europe: current state-of-the-art and future opportunities
Title of presentation Author
Health and social responses to drug problems: a European guide Nicola Singleton
Supporting implementation of effective interventions Harry Sumnall
Assessment of risky cannabis use and related consequences
Title of presentation Author
Definitions of risky and problematic cannabis use: a systematic review Cristina Casajuana
Assessment of risky cannabis use and related consequences Hugo López Pelayo
The Standard Joint Unit as a tool for assessing risky cannabis use Antoni Gual
Weighing the Evidence: A Systematic Review on Long-Term Neurocognitive Effects of Cannabis Use in Abstinent Adolescents and Adults Florian Ganzer
Title of presentation Author
Extending Definitions in Addictions: Challenges and Risks Joël Billieux
Challenges ahead for tobacco policies Ann McNeill
Design Considerations for Legal Cannabis: The 12 P’s Rosalie Liccardo Pacula / Beau Kilmer
Illuminating the darknet and online markets
Title of presentation Author
Forensic drug intelligence and the rise of darknet marketplaces Marie Morelato
Monitoring online activity on cryptomarkets 2013-2017 Amanda Roxburgh
Monitoring online activity on cryptomarkets 2013-2017 Amanda Roxburgh
THIS PLACE IS LIKE THE JUNGLE - A qualitative marketplace forum analysis Sara Rolando
Drugs bought online/offline @Netherlands Peggy van der Pol
Drug trade via cryptomarkets: Size, scope, trends and the role of the Netherlands Kristy Kruithof
Gambling – assessment
Title of presentation Author
Gambling in Croatia Zrinka Puharić
Core Gambling-Related Traits and their Relationships with Gambling Behavior Patterns and Severity: An Exploratory Study with Ecuadorian Gamblers María F. Jara
Association of Problem Gambling with Type of Gambling Among the Italian General Population Elisa Benedetti
Understanding health consequences
Title of presentation Author
The use of alcohol and drugs and its relation to the workplace Claudia Urbano
Breaking Out of the Joint: Cognitive Bias Modification Targeting the Cannabis and Alcohol Consumption of Youth in Juvenile Detention Centers Hans van der Baan
One-year sobriety improves satisfaction with life, executive functions and psychological distress among patients with polysubstance use disorder Egon Hagen
Symptoms and correlates of emergency medical treatment following the use of MDMA Larissa J. Maier
Innovations in practice
Title of presentation Author
Experiential avoidance and emotional dysregulation as therapeutic dimensions in alcohol use disorder treatment Marco Cavicchioli
Clinical Strategies for Engaging Families in Substance Addiction Treatment Sebastian Perumbilly
Building a bridge between prevention research and practice Maximilian von Heyden
Development of Therapeutic Alliance and Outcomes from the Perspective of Drug Users undergoing Treatment in a Therapeutic Community Luís Janeiro
The importance of gender
Title of presentation Author
Insecure Attachments & Female Drug Misuse Efrat S. Fridman
Treatment effectiveness of injectable hydromorphone and diacetylmorphine for severe opioid use disorder and its relationship with gender in the SALOME clinical trial Heather Palis
Experiences and barriers of female substance users in alcohol and drug prevention and treatment Julie Schamp
Suicidal ideation among long-term opioid users: Its Risk Factors and the role of gender Kirsten Marchand
Promoting a new era in global training and education of addiction professionals: the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction
Title of presentation Author
Promoting a new era in global training & education of addiction professionals: the International Consortium of Universities for Drug Demand Reduction Charlotte Sisson
The Universal Treatment Curriculum (UTC) for Addiction Treatment Professionals Melody Heaps
European academic education and training programs for addiction specialists: a Google survey and current context and coordinating centre for Europe Michal Miovsky
ICUDDR and International Networking and Collaboration Roger H. Peters
International Society of Substance Use Prevention and Treatment Professionals (ISSUP) Joanna Travis-Roberts
Universal Prevention Curriculum Zili Sloboda
Costs of drug treatment
Title of presentation Author
Drug treatment expenditure: a methodological overview Paul Griffiths
A methodology for estimating health expenditure on drug treatment: the Australian experience Alison Ritter
Rosalie Liccardo Pacula Rosalie Liccardo Pacula
A methodology for an EU cross-country comparison: public expenditure on drug treatment in hospitals Freya Vander Laenen
Social cost of drugs in France Pierre Kopp
Why are there more drug-related deaths: challenges for monitoring, understanding and preventing – examples from Europe
Title of presentation Author
Setting the scene of drug-related deaths in Europe: rebound and shifts? A diverse picture Isabelle Giraudon
A review of drug-related deaths in seven Northern European countries Tim Millar
Drug-related deaths – the Swedish case Håkan Leifman
Preventing drug-related deaths: Policy implications and ways forward. Focus on Norway. Thomas Clausen
Addressing the unmet reproductive health needs of women with addiction
Title of presentation Author
Does OST increase pregnancy rates in substance using women? Jan-Peter Siedentopf
Drug use and reproductive choices Mary Hepburn
Reproductive health in treatment and recovery Mishka Terplan
The opioid-dependent pregnant woman Anna Maria Vella
Best practices in hepatitis C virus (HCV) prevention, management and treatment among people who inject drugs
Title of presentation Author
Model and empirical evidence on the effectiveness of interventions to prevent HCV among people who inject drugs Matthew Hickman
Direct-acting interferon-free therapies and reinfection among people who inject drugs Jason Grebely
Restrictions for reimbursement of interferon-free direct-acting antiviral therapies for HCV infection in Europe Jeffrey Lazarus
Drug research and drug monitoring in prison
Title of presentation Author
WHO minimum public health data set on prison health Lars Moller
European Questionnaire on Drug Use among Prisoners - EQDP Viktor Mravčik
WEPHREN Linda Montanari
Drug research and drug monitoring in prison - Spanish Survey on Health and Drug use among Prisoners Elena Alavarez
Monitoring drug use in custodial institutions for juvenile offenders in Portugal Ludmila Carapinha
The French System of Drug Monitoring in Prisons Marie Jauffret-Roustide
Nightlife: no risk no fun? Challenges for drug prevention and trendspotting
Title of presentation Author
Drug use in European recreational settings: mixing contexts, risks and pleasure João Matias
Environmental Prevention in Nightlife Settings Johanna Gripenberg
Protecting and promoting health in nightlife environments during the last three decades Andrew M Bennett
Zurich’s approach to enhance the pleasure of going out Alexander Bücheli
Emerging trends within nightlife settings: responses and innovation Sarah Morton
Reducing risks
Title of presentation Author
Factors predicting usage of low dead space syringes and association with Hepatitis C prevalence amongst people who inject drugs in the UK Adam Trickey
Illegal And Legal Substance Abuse Amongst Harm Reduction Program Users - A Case Study From Croatia Dalibor Dolezal
Influencing drug policy: making the case for medically supervised injecting facilities in Dublin Tony Duffin
Modelling the Role of Incarceration in HCV Transmission and Prevention Amongst People Who Inject Drugs in Rural Kentucky Jack Stone
HCV treatment as prevention in Europe: model projections and impact of current and scaled-up treatment rates Hannah Fraser
Spotlight on drug consumption rooms
Title of presentation Author
Drug consumption rooms in Porto, Portugal: listening to the concerned voices Paula Meireles
Frequency and severity of non-fatal opioid overdoses among clients attending the Sydney Medically Supervised Injecting Centre Amanda Roxburgh
Drug Consumption Rooms in Catalonia: Major impact on HIV-HCV risk behaviors and engagement in care Cinta Folch
Factors Concerning Access to a Potential Drug Consumption Room in Dublin, Ireland Emma Atkin-Brenninkmeyer
Analysis to inform service development and delivery
Title of presentation Author
Improving Treatment Outcome By Adding Different Structural Elements To Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Offered To Danish Youth. Sheila Jones
Validation of the Portuguese DSM-IV-MR-J Joana Alexandre
Evaluating the Integration of Indigenous healing practices with Principles of Seeking Safety for Treatment of Indigenous Patients with a History of Trauma and Active Substance Use Disorder Teresa Naseba Marsh
The Efficacy Of Mindfulness-based Treatments For Alcohol And Drugs Use Disorders: a critical meta-analytic review of randomized and nonrandomized controlled trials Marco Cavicchioli
ASSIST - Feasibility study in Primary Health care in Catalonia Joan Colom
Improving the evidence base on hepatitis C virus (HCV)
Title of presentation Author
Cost-effectiveness of low dead space detachable syringes for the prevention of Hepatitis C Peter Vickerman
Hepatitis C: Awareness Through to Treatment (HepCATT): Pilot of an intervention designed to increase diagnosis and treatment of patients with hepatitis C virus infection in drug treatment settings Matthew Hickman
Health systems requirements for viral hepatitis elimination: Are we 'Flying Blind' in our efforts? Jeffrey V. Lazarus
Documenting barriers to access HCV care and treatment: a peer-led research João Santa Maria
SOF/VEL/VOX and Other Sofosbuvir-Based Direct-Acting Antiviral Therapies for Hepatitis C Virus in Patients Receiving Opioid Substitution Therapy: An Analysis of Phase 3 Studies Jason Grebely
Innovating monitoring
Title of presentation Author
Misuse of General Population Surveys: Estimating Heroin Prevalence in the United States Peter Reuter
Representativeness challenges for web surveys collecting information on drug users: a way for improving the cannabis market estimation in France. François Beck
Public expenditure on drug treatment and associated comorbidities: a case study of Bergamo Sabrina Molinaro
Ayahuasca – why is classification so important?
Title of presentation Author
Traditional use of Ayahuasca in Psychiatry in the 21st century Mário Simões, José Palma
Pharmacology of Ayahuasca Olga Silva
Ayahuasca Uncertain Legal Status Sofia Machado Ferreira
A sociological study on alcohol and cannabis use among young people in Spain Gerardo Flórez Menéndez
Socidrogalcohol Spanish national survey on prevalence and treatment of co-ocurrence of substance use disorder and other mental disorder Juan José Fernández Miranda
The RINCA Study On the Reduction of Negative Consequences associated with heavy drinking Josep Guardia-Serecigni
Prevention: from evidence to action – how we are working
Title of presentation Author
School-Based Drug Use Prevention Multicomponent Model: a Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region Perspective Isabel Prata
Me and the Others Program: Building Standards-based narratives for prevention Raul Melo
‘Me and Others’ Programme – Outcome Evaluation: Lisbon and Tagus Valley Region sample (2015 to 2017). Pre, post and follow up Carla Frazao
Guidelines to deal with addictive behaviours’. Project, process and outcome evaluation Rui Pedro Silva
The universal prevention curriculum (UPC) adaptation in Europe: introduction and discussion on substantial content
Title of presentation Author
Why is a common training curriculum for Europe needed? Annemie Coone
Substance use prevention training needs found in the involved countries and local prevention training needs of the participants. Annemie Coone
Promoting the use of evidence-based programmes in Europe: a European registry
Title of presentation Author
The German Registry of EBP: “Green List Prevention” Experiences With Practice Frederick Groeger-Roth
Reviewing and rating EBPs for crime and drugs prevention in Europe: approach and methodological challenges Nick Axford
How Can "Such" Registries Improve Resource Allocation in Prevention Zili Sloboda
Anonymous collecting and testing of new psychoactive substances samples as a part of national early warning systems
Title of presentation Author
Anonymous collecting and testing of NPS samples as a part of national EWS: advantages and challenges Andreja Drev
Establishment of NGO info points for NPS sample collection within regional EWS in the framework of I-SEE project Ada Hočevar Grom
The integrated drug checking service and its importance for different types of users Simona Šabić
Interconnected problems – spotlight on comorbidity
Title of presentation Author
Investigating possible causal effects of tobacco and/or cannabis use with mental health: A Mendelian randomisation analysis Meg Fluharty
Drug-related Predictors Of Schizophrenia Readmission Kristine Rømer Thomsen
Gender Differences In Lifetime Psychiatric And Substance Use Disorders Among People Who Use Substances In Barcelona Gail Gilchrist
Alcohol- and drug-related problems among adolescents with psychiatric diagnoses: The role of psychiatric comorbidity. Ove Heradstveit
Father Involvement And Correlates Of Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety Among Fathers With Drug Addiction Problems João Barrocas
lInnovative methods in drug detection
Title of presentation Author
The European Drug Emergencies Network Euro-DEN Plus A model for data collection on acute drug and NPS toxicity in Europe Paul Dargan
The analysis of illicit drugs in Sydney wastewater Anne Bannwarth
Wastewater analysis: source of information about the relation between frequently abused illicit drugs and music genre preferences Paula Brandeburová
Teenagers and NPS in Poland – attitudes and behaviors Tomasz Białas
Gambling – informing interventions
Title of presentation Author
The normalisation of gambling Samantha Thomas
How Do Gambling Products Which Are Provided In ‘Family Friendly’ Venues, Shape Young People’s Gambling Consumption Intentions? A Qualitative Study Of Children In Australia Amy Bestman
Females with gambling disorder: characteristics and obstacles for treatment Andrea Wöhr
Online sports betting advertising and gambling disorder: a content analysis approach Hibai Lopez-Gonzalez
Strategies And Tactics Used By The Australian Gambling Industry Samantha Thomas
Stigma And The Involvement Of People With Gambling Problems In Peer Support And Advocacy Activities Helen Miller
Parents, Peers, Or Promotion? Which Factors Are The Most Influential In Shaping Children’s Attitudes Towards Gambling? Hannah Pitt
Jegspiller.no – a new prevention tool for problems related to gambling and gaming Camilla Lynne Bakkeng
Innovation in harm reduction
Title of presentation Author
Chemsex, NPS and risk reduction management- Preliminary results of a pilot study - Cécile Chevallier
Harm Reduction 24/7: The supply of harm reduction materials via vending machines for drug users in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Daniel Deimel
Disciplining pleasure through harm reduction policy: confronting drug users’ personal experience of injection in context with professionals'’ public health expectations Marie Jauffret- Roustide
The challenge of responding in recreational settings
Title of presentation Author
Social representations of drugs and drug abuse. Inquiry to the Portuguese youth present in three editions of Rock in Rio summer festival (2008/2012/2016) Vasco Calado
The project STOP-SV – a prevention challenge to prevent and combat sexual violence in the nightlife context Fernando Mendes
A randomized trial of assessment interventions to reduce drug use and HIV/STI sexual risk among young adults who use drugs in the club scene Mance E. Buttram
XTC harm reduction strategies @Netherlands Peggy van der Pol
Health consequences of substance use in nightlife settings in the Netherlands Karin Monshouwer
Reconceptualizing the etiology of substance use: implications for prevention and treatment
Title of presentation Author
Personalizing and Optimizing Preventive Intervention Models Via a Translational Neuroscience Framework Diana Fishbein
A Translational Neuroscience Framework—Implications for Understanding Etiology and Prevention of Substance Use and Substance Use Disorders Zili Sloboda
Etiology of substance use: implications for treatment Alessandro Pirona
Re-conceptualizing the Aetiology of Substance Use Disorders:Implications for Prevention and Treatment Gilberto Gerra
Continuum of care in the prison setting? Responses to drug-related infection transmission in prisons – examples from Europe
Title of presentation Author
Access to HCV treatment under special consideration in prison Gabriele Fischer
Joint guidance on prevention and control of communicable diseases in prison settings Lara Tavoschi
Drug use and drug-related infections among prisoners in Europe Linda Montanari
Access to harm reduction – the example of France The ANRS-PRIDE Program Laurent Michel
Access to HCV treatment under special consideration in prison Gabriele Fischer
Crystal meth and the family – stress, strain, and interventions
Title of presentation Author
Establishing an integrated perinatal care program for substance-dependent young mothers Ulrich Zimmermann
The Psychosocial Situation of Children from Methamphetamine-Involved Families Michael Klein
Parenting stress and familial coping in the context of methamphetamine use Janina Dyba
SHIFT – A parenting intervention for methamphetamine abusing mothers and fathers Diana Moesgen
Treatment of methamphetamine addicts in the clinical practice in Germany Katharina Schoett

Side events and networking

LxAddictions17 will again provide a unique networking opportunity for researchers, practitioners and policy experts across countries and disciplines, addressing new challenges and covering developing fields. In the margins of the conference various major events will take place. Already confirmed are the following:

  • 24-25 October 2017
    • TWIST — Training With Stakeholders – applying EU drug research: The EC-funded TWIST project will provide a two-day training programme, aimed at early-stage addiction professionals, embedded within the scope and programme of LxAddictions17.

Please note that participants need to register separately for side‑events.

To promote networking, conference rooms will be available for side events. If interested please contact us at: lisbonaddictions2017@abreu.pt

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  • Judith Aldridge (Senior Lecturer, School of Law, University of Manchester, UK)
  • Hannu Alho (ISAM  President, Professor of Addiction Medicine, Finland)
  • Alexander Baldacchino (Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry and Addictions, University of St Andrews, UK)
  • Henri Bergeron (Chair in Health Studies, Sciences Po Paris, France)
  • Virginia Berridge (Professor of History and Director, Centre for History in Public Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK)
  • Kim Bloomfield (Professor, Center for Alcohol and Drug Research, Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Henrietta Bowden-Jones (Consultant Psychiatrist. Founder and Director, National Problem Gambling Clinic, UK)
  • Jørgen G. Bramness (Senior researcher, Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Concurrent Substance Abuse and Mental Health Disorders, Norwegian Centre of Dual Diagnosis)
  • Anne Line Bretteville-Jensen (Research Director, Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research (SIRUS), Norway)
  • Angelina Brotherhood (Public Health Researcher, Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
  • Gerhard Bühringer (Chair of Addiction Research, Institute for Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Technische Universität Dresden, Germany)
  • Catherine Comiskey (Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College, Ireland)
  • Ornella Corazza (Reader in Substance Addictions and Behaviours, University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK)
  • Paul Dargan (Consultant Physician and Clinical Toxicologist, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, and Reader in Toxicology, King’s College London, UK)
  • Marina Davoli (Head, Department of Epidemiology, National Agency for Health Services, Italy)
  • Louisa Degenhardt (Professor, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), Australia)
  • Fernando Rodríguez de Fonseca (Fundación IMABIS, Hosp. Univ. Carlos Haya de Málaga, Spain)
  • Brice de Ruyver (Full Professor criminal law and criminology, Director Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy, Ghent University, Belgium)
  • Fabrizio Faggiano (Professor of Public Health at the Department of Translational Medicine of the University of the Piemonte Orientale, Italy)
  • Michael Farrell (Director, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC), University of New South Wales, Australia)
  • Gabriele Fischer (Medical Director of the Addiction Clinic at the Medical University Vienna, Austria)
  • Henk Garretsen (Professor, Director Tranzo, Scientific Centre for Care and Welfare, Tilburg University, The Netherlands)
  • Eilish Gilvarry (President of the Society for the Study of Addiction, Honorary Professor of Addiction Psychiatry, Newcastle University, UK)
  • Manuela Grazina (Professor, Faculty of Medicine; Researcher and Head of Laboratory of Biochemical Genetics, Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology; University of Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Antoni Gual (Director of the Addictions Unit, Hospital Clínic Barcelona, Spain)
  • Wayne Hall (Professor, Director and Inaugural Chair, Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research, The University of Queensland, Australia)
  • Matthew Hickman (School of Social and Community Medicine, University of Bristol, UK)
  • Susana Jiménez-Murcia (Head of Pathological Gambling Unit, Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital of Bellvitge, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Beau Kilmer (Co-director and senior policy researcher, RAND Drug Policy Research Center; Professor, Pardee RAND Graduate School, USA)
  • Dirk Korf (Professor, Bonger Institute of Criminology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  • Krzysztof Krajewski (Chair of Criminology, Jagiellonian University, Poland)
  • Ludwig Kraus (Director, IFT Institut für Therapieforschung, Munich, Germany)
  • Håkan Leifman (Director, Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs (CAN), Sweden)
  • Henrique Lopes (President of the Ibero-latin-american Scientific Society for Gambling Research, Chair of CEIA research center, researcher at Public Healthcare Unit of Catholic University - ICS)
  • Pia Mäkelä (Head of Alcohol and Drugs Unit, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland)
  • Meni Malliori (Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Medical School, National & Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece)
  • Rebecca McKetin (Associate Professor, ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment, Australia)
  • Angela Me (Chief of the Research and and Trend Analysis Branch, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)
  • Lars Møller (Programme Manager Alcohol & Illicit Drugs and Prison Health, World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe)
  • Catherine Moury (Assistant Professor of political Science, FCSH, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal)
  • Emília Nunes (Professor, Director of the National Programme for Prevention of Smoking and Tobacco Control, General-Directorate of Health, Portugal)
  • Letizia Paoli (Professor, Leuven Institute of Criminology, University of Leuven, Faculty of Law, Belgium)
  • Amy Porath-Waller (Director, Research and Policy, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse, Canada)
  • Jürgen Rehm (Director, Social and Epidemiological Research (SER) Department, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Canada)
  • Xavier Majó i Roca (Office of Drug Addiction, Public Health Agency of Catalonia, Spain)
  • Zila M. Sanchez (Professor of Epidemiology, Preventive Medicine Department, Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brazil)
  • Emanuele Scafato (Director of Population’s Health and Health Determinants Unit in the National Centre for Epidemiology, Surveillance and Health Promotion-CNESPS at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Italy)
  • Janusz Sieroslawski (Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Poland)
  • Jussi Simpura (Chair, Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Studies)
  • Zili Sloboda (President, Applied Prevention Science, Inc., USA)
  • Rainer Spanagel (Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology, Head of the Institute of Psychopharmacology, University of Heidelberg, Germany)
  • Kerstin Stenius (Ass. Prof., Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs, Stockholm University, Sweden; Alcohol and Drugs unit, National Institute for Health and Welfare, Finland; and Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues, Finland)
  • John Strang (Professor, Head of the Addictions Department, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (IoPPN), King’s College London, UK)
  • Harry Sumnall (Professor, Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University, UK)
  • Margriet Van Laar (Head of the Department Drug Monitoring, Trimbos Institute, The Netherlands)
  • Julian Vicente (Head of the prevalence, consequences and data management unit, EMCDDA)
  • Graça Vilar (Director of the Planning and Intervention Department of SICAD, Master in forensic medicine and forensic sciences, Graduate Assistant of Psychiatry Hospital, Portugal)
  • Chris Wilkins (Senior Researcher, Drugs Team Leader, SHORE & Whariki Research Centre, College of Health, Massey University, Auckland, New Zealand)

Co-chairs: Manuel Cardoso (SICAD), Paul Griffiths (EMCDDA)

  • Robert West (Addiction/Society for the Study of Addiction)
  • Ann McNeill (Addiction/Society for the Study of Addiction)
  • Richard Pates (ISAJE)
  • Michal Miovsky (ISAJE)
  • Ana Sofia Santos (SICAD)
  • Ana Rodrigues (SICAD)
  • Maria Moreira (EMCDDA)
  • Liesbeth Vandam (EMCDDA)
  • Manuel Cardoso (SICAD)
  • Ana Sofia Santos (SICAD)
  • Ana Rodrigues (SICAD)
  • Filipa Cunha (SICAD)
  • Sónia Ferreira (SICAD)
  • Alexandra Pinto (SICAD)
  • Paul Griffiths (EMCDDA)
  • Maria Moreira (EMCDDA)
  • Liesbeth Vandam (EMCDDA)
  • Marie-Christine Ashby (EMCDDA)
  • Silke Vitt (EMCDDA)
  • Renate Hochwieser (EMCDDA)
  • Prem Borle (EMCDDA)
  • Alberto Oteo