Can cannabis use cause death in humans ?

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 14:40 to 14:50
Networking zone 4 (N4)


There is a serious professional question whether a person can die from smoking cannabis. In the literature we can find such a justification that we cannot die from the use of cannabis to professional attitudes that confirm the possibility that a person might also die from the use of cannabis. In recent years, we have been monitoring an increased number of cannabis overdoses in Slovenia, which also end with a coma that needs intensive and urgent treatment in the hospital intensive unit. We also notice an increased amount of THC in cannabis, indicating that modern cannabis have a significantly higher THC than in the past and also different consequences. In recent years, we have linked four deaths to cannabis in Slovenia, which opened many professional dilemmas about which it makes sense to speak at the conference. Some deaths were confirmed by the results of the forensic experts and clinical exams. We will show them on the conference.

The key question is whether a person can really die because of the use of the cannabis and why? The answer is not easy also because of the pressure of modern prolegalazing activities that affect thinking about cannabis and death. We can agree that the use of cannabis influence on the increased risk of death in traffic. Today we are also discussing the direct impact on heart failure, which can lead to death after smoking of cannabis. We do not know enough about the polydrug use including cannabis and death. However, it is likely that we would also agree with the fact that it is necessary to carry out further studies to confirm the link in a more thorough understanding of the link between cannabis use and death. We need independent research in this field. The results will have some impact also on cannabis policy and activities which can prevent the risk for death consequence after using cannabis or some other product with high level of THC.




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