Determinants for the effectiveness of an Online Ambulatory Service for Internet Addicts (OASIS)

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 14:15 to 14:30
Insights zone 2 (I2)


Background: Low-threshold offerings have been proven to be crucial and effective in reaching out for patients. Because of this the Online Ambulatory Service for Internet Addicts (OASIS) has been developed to offer consultations for adult Internet addicts.

Method: After a self-assessment in line with the DSM-V criteria for Online Gaming Disorder, individuals at risk are invited to participate in the program. OASIS provides two webcam-based consultation hours, one for thorough clinical diagnostics and one for motivational interviewing and referral for offline treatment. Participants completed questionnaires before and after the consultation hours measuring internet addiction severity (sIAT), motivation for change (iSOCRATES) and daily media use.

Results: Over 120 internet addicts used the online ambulantory service. The results indicate a low-threshold online consultation is a good device to reduce internet addiction severity and increase motivation to change. The positive participants’ feedback underlines the satisfaction with the webcam-based consultation hours as well as the simplicity of handling the online tool.

Conclusion: Since the results indicate the effectiveness of the online consultation hours, OASIS is meant to be disseminated into the general addiction health system.





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