Emotional dependency: relationship with attachment and impulsivity

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:30
Guided poster tours room


Emotional dependency is related with impulsive behaviors and insecure attachment setyles.

The objectives of this study are to analyze the relation between the emotional dependency, attachment and the impulsive behavior, as well as to analyze if their predictive role on emotional dependency, and the mediator role of emotional dependency between attachment and impulsive behaviors. The sample comprised 1533 adolescents (707

women and 826 men), with ages between 14 -18 years old (M = 15.76; SD = 1.25). The results showed of positives relations between the emotional dependency and the parental permission, childhood trauma and impulsive behavior. Moreover, the impulsivity is positively related with avoiding to be alone, asymmetric relation, the need to please others, parental permission and childhood trauma. In the same way, it proves how the parental permission, self - sufficiency and resentment against parents and childhood trauma can predict the emotional dependence. Finally, it has been observed how the relation between the attachment and the impulsive behavior is mediated with the emotional dependency .




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