Female-oriented medicosocial responses in French drug treatment facilities. Results from the Ad-femina survey

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 16:50 to 18:20
Networking zone 1 (N1)


Drug-addicted women appear among the vulnerable publics identified by the recent European and French strategies combatting drugs. In addiction services, female-oriented socio-medical care is still a singular under development clinical practice. From March to May, 2018, the Ad-femina survey on the addiction care specifically directed to female drug users was inaugurated in France, by the OFDT (French REITOX NFP). The survey addressed the national addiction network of treatment service (whether NGO or in hospitals), low threshold services, hospital liaison teams, residential therapeutic centres, therapeutic communities, etc.). Ad-femina was disseminated with the help of major professional federations and networks engaged in addiction. 80 addiction programmes directed to women in 2017 were documented by means of an online questionnaire. They addressed some 2,600 females drug users and 300 accompanying children. The presentation will describe and discuss the first results on the approaches implemented and on the emerging issues related to women and drugs in addiction services.


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