A national DRD policy and the role of take-home naloxone within it

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 15:40 to 15:55
Insights zone 3 (I3)


In Norway the distribution of nasal naloxone to drug users and others likely to witness an overdose has been part of a multifaceted and longterm national overdose prevention strategy since 2014. The development of the naloxone distribution program has been both gradual and rapid. The distribution started in 2 cities, and by end of 2018 covered ca 30 cities/municipalities in Norway. The primary target group, at risk drug user outside of formal treatment, has been expanded. More than 10.000 naloxone nasal sprays have been distributed, and many hundreds of these reported to have been used successfully in overdose reversals. Since 2014 a decrease in heroin–related overdose deaths is observed. Still it is a challenge to ascertain how many lives the naloxone program has saved. A remaining challenge is that for the majority of overdose deaths, the victim was taking drugs alone.





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