Views, positions and objectives of Russia and like-minded countries

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 13:45 to 14:00
Central square 2 (C2)


The Russian Federation has always taken active part in the multilateral debate on the world drug problem and is highly committed to the full and effective implementation of the three UN drug control conventions and to the core drug policy documents adopted since 2009 (2009 Political Declaration and Plan of Action, 2014 Joint Ministerial Statement, 2016 UNGASS outcome document, 2019 Ministerial Declaration), which in their entirety and complementarity build the basis for international, regional and national efforts to address and counter the world drug problem for the next decade.

The current presentation focuses on the progress made in the implementation of these commitments at the national level as well as on the Russian approach to the global policy developments in the drug control area.

As in many other countries, patterns of drug trafficking and illicit drug markets in Russia have diversified since 2009. However, national authorities managed to curb trafficking in and abuse of opiates which were the main concern a decade ago. According to 2019 World Drug Report, trafficking in opiates along the northern route has significantly declined despite the record highs in the cultivation of opium poppy in Afghanistan. This result was possible due to sustainable efforts and well-established cooperation of law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation and Central Asian countries. It clearly shows that the targets set in the 2009 Political Declaration are achievable. Another successful example is the shutdown of RAMP and Hydra, two biggest Russian-speaking drug markets on the darknet.

Russia has also taken significant steps forward to improve availability and accessibility of drugs for medical and scientific purposes. The latest developments in this area are amendments introduced in 2019 to the Federal Law on the provision of palliative medical care.

These elements frame national dimension of the comprehensive and balanced approach to the world drug problem.


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