Harm reduction response to amphetamine users

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Thursday, 8 August, 2019 - 14:05


How can we response to amphetamine-related harms? In Hong Kong, our drug policy is Zero Tolerance or Prohibition, is there any room for the social worker to proceed any Harm Reduction intervention? We are now writing a harm reduction manual for the amphetamine users. But, maybe, it is the first one as well as the last one, if it is not supported by our Governement.

We have interviewed a number of ex-users and users. And we aims to understand the whole process of their ice-taking activity. As the same time, we read a lot of amphetamine harm reduction approaches in foregin countries. We find that those approaches are not only applicable in Hong Kong. So, we try to examine the users' daily operation and drug taking habit and their health issues. Finally, we create some measures and recommendation to the amphetamine users in order to lessen their health problem and lower the chance of getting overdose.

We have to tell the public we are doing the right thing for the right targets. Harm Reduction is not only workable on herion users, but also on amphetamine users.