Supporting future cannabis policy/achieving a Standard Joint Unit – FuturiZe workshop

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Friday, 25 October, 2019 - 10:45 to 12:15
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Measurements of the prevalence of cannabis use are typically based solely on the frequency of use; and epidemiological studies have used daily or near-daily cannabis use as an approximate measure of heavy use. However, it remains very difficult to measure the typical quantity and potency of cannabis used, as standard measures of quantity are lacking and the average THC content of cannabis is largely unknown in most countries and regions.


We propose to deploy a foresight exercise to assess the feasibility of constructing an EU-wide SJU and reflect on the elements and layers of the systems for monitoring, treating, governing and studying addictive behaviour that are critical to the success of such an endeavour, and to work out the steps, conditions and resources that are necessary to achieve it. The proposed foresight approach for this exercise is backcasting, i.e. beginning with the desired future scenario of an EU-wide SJU; moving backwards from this vision to the present; and mapping step by step the process towards the vision. In order to increase multi-stakeholder involvement and acceptability of outcomes, we are inviting participants from a variety of sectors and disciplines that are relevant to the cannabis area.

This workshop aims to be complementary to other activities in this year’s Lisbon Addictions Conference, such as the preconference Workshop on 'An International Cannabis Toolkit’ and the Big debate in Day 1 of the conference programme: 'Will changes in cannabis policy result in greater costs or greater benefits?'

The workshop is organised as part of the EC co-funded project FuturiZe (

Places in the workshop are limited and registration is required: 72220719115