• Cookie Box
  • Barcelona
  • Spain
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  • October 23 13:20 to 14:50
  • October 23 16:50 to 18:20
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Alexandra comes from an educational background with multiple masters in neuroscience, primary education, and gamification. She has been in both the game design industry and education industry for over 8 years, working in London and Barcelona. Currently Alexandra works at Cookiebox, a consultancy specialized in Gamification and Storytelling which aims to help clients to impact and motivate collaborators, stakeholders, teams, and users, all in a wide variety of projects.

While working at Cookiebox, she’s also developing her upcoming mobile app designed to use gamification as a way to help children not only cope, but conquer each day living with diabetes. Through storytelling and epic journey making, she is transforming the way we teach kids how to deal with what can seem scary and debilitating.