• Department of Epidemiology
  • Italy
In programme
  • October 24 14:30 to 14:45
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Antonella Camposeragna is a psychologist and researcher in social science, she has been working in the field of drug addiction for 20 years. Her current research interests are substance use profiles and pathways, polydrug use and the effectiveness of self-regulation strategies in mitigating drug related harm. She is currently working at Epidemiology Dept of Lazio region where she is involved in monitoring data of Regional Surveillance System on Drug Addiction. She is also collaborating with non profit organisation at national and European level in monitoring harm reduction intervention. She is author of several scientific papers.

Hours & Dates

  • Plenary session
  • Poster session
  • Big debate
  • Structured session
  • Workshop
  • Oral presentation session
  • Short communication session
  • Poster guided tour