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Burcu Çetin Şeker was born in 1988 in İzmir, Turkey. She got a bachelor’s degree from Psychology department at Istanbul Bilgi University in 2010. She also got a master’s degree from Clinical Psychology ay Okan University in 2014. She has been specialised about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychological Trauma and EMDR Therapy and Psychodrama Therapy techniques. She has been working in Green Crescent Society since 2016. Along with joining Green Crescent Society, she became specialised in addiction. She has been combining her major skills with addiction and she has done a few academic studies about addiction and psychological trauma. For instance, she has published an article about the severity and incidence of psychological trauma in people who applied addiction outpatient services in Turkey. The article was published in April 2019. Besides, a verbal statement has been presented in national congress on addiction in Turkey.
She has been working in Green Crescent Society for 3 years. She is a Clinical Psychologist and her job status is Clinical Process Responsible which means, she is responsible for developing new approaches in psychosocial support services in addiction.
She is married and she lives in İstanbul for 15 years. She likes travelling and meeting new cultures.

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