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  • October 23 11:10 to 11:25
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David Otiashvili, MD, PhD. Graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University in 1992, received qualification of Psychiatrist. Spent ten years in clinical work treating patients with substance use disorders. In 2003-2004 as a NIDA Hubert Humphrey Fellow studied substance abuse research at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA. In 2014 received PhD in Health Psychology from Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. For last decade his major focus has been addiction research and education programs in addiction science. He served as a PI and CoI for a number of international collaborative research projects, including NIDA funded RCTs and exploratory behavioural studies. David has been involved with harm reduction and drug policy advocacy at a national and regional level. He is an official lobbyist for drug policy and drug legislation in Georgian Parliament. He serves as representative of civil society sector in Georgian Interagency Drug Policy Coordinating Council.

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