• Instituto de Apoio ao Jogador (IAJ)
  • Lisbon
  • Portugal
In programme
  • October 23 15:00 to 16:30
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Pedro Hubert, Psychologist, director of the Gambler's Support Institute (IAJ). Problem gambler Helpline Coordinator (I.A.J..) since 2009 and the support line service provided to the SCML gambling department since 2015 and SAS line since 2018. Clinical care/practice for disorder gamblers and families since 2005. Collaboration with SICAD, ARS, Colleges and other Institutions in the area of gambling,supervision and training.
Coordination of the "listening point" for adolescent care in the French Liceu of Lisbon from 2005 to 2016. PhD based on Research "characterization and comparison of pathological gamblers Offline and Online in Portugal" under the supervision of Mark Griffiths Contribution to the dissemination of "scientific" information on the problem of gambling in Portugal among the Media. Author of the book "Gambling problem: treatment of the invisible dependence". Plátano Editora 2016

Hours & Dates

  • Plenary session
  • Poster session
  • Big debate
  • Structured session
  • Workshop
  • Oral presentation session
  • Short communication session
  • Poster guided tour