1. Aims, scope and methodology of IMPRESA

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


IMPRESA is a multidisciplinary, participative project aiming to provide an in-depth understanding of the translation processes of best-practice selective and indicated prevention programmes as well as harm reduction addressing methamphetamine related problems in Europe. The project uses multistakeholder partnerships (MSPs) in five European countries for selection, development and tailoring of best-practice prevention interventions.

The RE-AIM framework is employed to evaluate implementation outcomes and their public health impact. By drawing on implementation science, the project goes beyond the question of 'what' works and provides a deeper understanding of 'how' such interventions work, and for 'whom'. Therefore it provides new insights on which areas to focus for maximum effect when implementing prevention programmes for methamphetamine use more effectively across Europe. This project uses cities for the implementation of case studies, as local ideas for best-practice implementation can be intensively tested within cities, leading to the generation of a set of contextsensitive strategies. Cities have an active role in health and prevention programmes and provide the needed key infrastructural components and relationship architectures for reaching the target group (e.g. clubs, youth services, schools). City-based MSPs can be replicated in order to scale-up best practice in affected cities and regions across Europe.

The general objective of the project is to prevent problems related to methamphetamine use in Europe by establishing MSPs on the effective translation of best-practice strategies in 'real world' settings.


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