1. Cannabis Social Clubs in Europe: a transnational social movement network in the making?

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 13:20 to 14:50


This presentation focuses on the European CSC landscape. It examines whether there have been knowledge exchanges, collaborations or conflicts between CSCs within and across countries in Europe. Beyond assessing the existence of a transnational social movement network of CSCs, we map the network of relationships of CSCs – domestically and at the transnational level (including CSCs’ collaborations with other key stakeholders such as public health bodies, the police, the media, policy makers and other actors).

The analysis draws on data from an online survey conducted among CSCs based in the EU (2018-2019).

As a point of convergence to develop a transnational network, the majority of CSCs promote legal regulation. However, a large variety of divergent and sometimes conflicting motivations and ideologies emerges from our analysis. We also found a strong level of connectedness among CSCs domestically, but less so at a transnational level. Nevertheless, we observed processes of diffusion and potential for transnational coalitions involving CSCs.

An (unlikely?) alliance between human rights ideology and commercial interests may be driving the future cannabis law reform agenda of CSCs and cannabis activists


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