1. EU Xchange prevention registry: targeting common risk factors as a win-win in drug and crime prevention

Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 13:20 to 14:50


The implementation of evidence-based prevention practices has only recently gained popularity across Europe. Both in the drug and crime prevention domain, interventions are all too often based on gut feelings instead of evidence of effectiveness. The Xchange prevention (EMDDA, 2018) registry identifies European prevention projects evaluated in one or several EU countries to inspire EU policy makers and professionals. Recently, crime as well as environmental prevention were include in its scope.

The Xchange prevention registry is managed by means of a rigorous protocol that include various evaluation stages conducted by EMCDDA and the Xchange prevention board. (1) Interventions are submitted voluntarily to the EMCDDA board, (2) EMCDDA checks basic evaluation standards, (3) the Xchange board evaluates and decides unanimously whether a program will be included and which rating it will get.

13 interventions in Xchange are aimed at reducing both substance and crime. Environmental interventions stand out as promising practices but face complex challenges related to the evaluation of outcomes which will be highlighted during this presentation, together with shard risk factors of substance use and criminal behaviour.

Future pathways for evaluation studies and the implementation of substance use an crime preventive interventions will be discussed, together with ways forward for disseminating the Xchange prevention registry to the member states in the near future. No contributions were received.


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