1. What is gender and why it is necessary to incorporate a gender perspective in the drug field? Evolution of key theoretical concepts in the area of gender and trends influencing the drug field

Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 10:50 to 12:20


This presentation has the objective to show the need to incorporate a gender perspective in the drug issue, by providing an overview of the theoretical evolution of the concepts of gender.

Gender studies have evolved from a first phase (late 19th century) with no distinction between sex and gender and biological determining differences in behaviours and social hierarchies; to a second phase (1960/70) when sex, relating to biology, and gender, relating to culture/social roles became distinct; to a third phase (1980/90) with the introduction of a non-binary vision of biological sex and the centrality of gender agency and performativity. Based on these developments, the following issues should be highlighted:

  • gender is a social dimension and biology does not determine behaviours;
  • a binary vision of sex should be overcome;
  • new intersecting categories (e.g., race, social class) should be considered in addition to gender;
  • although small, biological differences between masculine-feminine must be considered and a gender 'neutral' perspective abandoned;
  • the relationship between social and biological should be subject of in-depth studies.

Drug policy should incorporate a gender perspective in the drug issue, by understanding:

  • the complex link between biology and social processes;
  • the different life trajectories between men and women in a gender unequal society;
  • the influence of the different gender norms in drug use behaviours;
  • the role of specific gender factors (e.g., gender based violence) in the development of drug addiction.


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