3. Prevalence of NPS use. Results of the implementation of a standardized survey methodology amongst 25 civil society organization in Europe

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 16:50 to 18:20


Provide a better view to what extend PINS peer projects in nightlife settings, YODA low threshold settings and FESAT drug helplines, providing telephone and online counselling, are confronted with NPS users and how they are monitoring NPS use.

A collaboration was set up between 25 member organisations of NEWNET (9), YODA (8) and FESAT (8) across 20 European countries. First, existing surveys from all participating projects where collected and compared. Based on these findings a standardised survey on NPS use was developed. The basis for this survey was 2 NPS questions from the European model questionnaire (EQM) developed by the EMCDDA. The first question is a generic (catch all) question to monitor NPS use. The second question specifically targets the 7 most appearing NPS in Europe in 2020, as well as two country specific NPS. Next, an implementation of this survey for one year followed.

As the implementation started in August 2021, the survey is still ongoing. We expect to determine general population characteristics of people using NPS, including variables such as age, gender and primary reason for using NPS. By crossing these data with other information of the project we gain insight in the consumption patterns of NPS next to several user-associated variables specifically source of purchase and online behaviour.

Involving existing EU-wide civil society networks helped raise awareness about the importance of building the necessary skills and capacity not only for reliable data collection across Europe but also for meeting the challenges posed by NPS in their interventions.


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