5. The Click

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


Within a mind-scape a character believes they are in control until they are faced with their addiction in the form of a large snake. In the throes of darkness, a light beckons, and a journey toward recovery begins. At the mountain summit the character makes a difficult decision. The Click leads to a period of change for the character as they are supported from their inner mental-scape. In time, they return to help others in their personal struggle.  The animation themes were developed from focus groups with recoverees from Ireland. The participants were previous or current users of Aiséirí Recovery Services (an Irish addiction service provider) at the point of the interviews. Common motifs and ideas for aspects of the lived experience from the group are illustrated within this journey structure. These include: the changing power dynamic of addiction in the beginning, the active decision-making and inner change in recovery, and a hint to group therapy in one of the ending shot backgrounds, among others.


  • Mary Smyth (Technological University of the Shannon, Ireland)



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