A Literature Review, using a Systematic Approach, on Effective Interventions and Approaches in the Delivery of Integrated Alcohol Services in Community Settings

Friday, 25 November, 2022 - 13:20 to 14:50


Background: There has been a rise in alcohol use worldwide with increases in defined levels of harmful and binge drinking recorded across Ireland. The role of integrated community care has been identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) with Sláinte Care policy in Ireland prioritising community care. This review aims to provide evidence-based best practice and proven interventions.

Methods: A literature review, with a systematic approach, was used to synthesise the evidence from articles published from 2010-2021. Inclusion/exclusion criteria were identified by the Steering Committee comprising the research team and funder. Four main concepts were identified: Integration, Implementation, Delivery; Alcohol Treatments/Services; Setting; and Alcoholism. All articles identified (N= 13677) by the expert librarian were uploaded into Covidence after de-duplication process (n=4682). Title/ abstract screening was carried out by primary reviewer with full-text articles (n=168) screened by one primary reviewer and three secondary reviewers in line with Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI) guidelines.

Results: Thirty studies were extracted relating to: brief interventions, harm-reduction approaches, implementation evaluations, integrated care, technology use, and interventions using specific therapies.

Conclusion: Preliminary analysis identified several recently published studies in relation to studies shown to be effective that could be used to inform a future intervention by the health services. Integrated care within and from community settings is essential for the effective delivery of targeted alcohol interventions. It is essential that local national policies align to this and the international guidelines from the WHO.


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