PREPARDNESS in Europe. How are European countries prepared for current and future drug developments?

Wednesday, 23 November, 2022 - 09:00 to 19:30


The aim of the session is to contribute to enhanced preparedness and resilience of European countries’ drug information and intervention capacity to respond to emerging drug trends and challenges. The session will present findings of recent research on research on the risks regarding increased use of synthetic opioids (SO) in Europe and on other future drug developments

Based on the results of 2 recent European projects the presentations will both provide data on the actual state of play in Europe regarding particular risks and threats like the availability and use of SO. It will provide response instruments targeting these particular SO threats. The session will also elaborate on other drug trends and developments and on the overall approach to be better prepared for emerging trends and challenges.

The session will close with an elaborate panel discussion with key experts on drug trends and policies. They will share their views on upcoming drug trends and developments and on ways how policies and servicers can be more pro-acticve and future-oriented in their responses.

This session is supportd by the EU supported projects: SO-PREP and DRUG-PREP



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