Quality management in prevention of risk behaviors in school setting: a Case study from Czech republic

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 15:00 to 16:30


Background: Quality standards became the priority in the EU Drug Strategy 2013-2020, which aimed to improve the quality of services and to bridge the gap between science and practice. Despite the number of activities, there is a lack of real evaluation and comparative studies with a focus on daily practice of quality management (QM), especially in the prevention area. The implementation of QM on a national level in the school setting is not well evidenced in the literature. This study aimed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the process of formation and implementation QM in a specific environment in Czechia.

Methods: Narrative review from database searches, including gray literature, followed by a subsequent content analysis in relevant thematic areas and its content.

Results: The study presents over 20 years of QM development in the school prevention of risk behavior. The process can be divided into six stages, which, however, do not represent a linear trajectory from point zero to full implementation, but rather periods of growth and stagnation or even steps backwards. However, it is possible to observe the building of a unique system, encompassing several essential areas with the impact on quality. In addition to quality standards and a certification, these include qualification standards for professionals, a system for monitoring interventions, and ethical standards.

Conclusions: The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the process of creation and implementation of QM in practice. It reflects successful challenges, obstacles and failures and describes the roles of stakeholders. Quality management system support an environment in which evidence-based interventions are chosen and resources are spent on effective prevention strategies. The information presented can provide inspiration for other countries. This work was supported by the institutional support program Progress No. Q06/LF1, the FENIQS-EU project reg. No. JUST-2019-AG-DRUGS, and the Specific University Research, Grant number: 260500.


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