Safety and health at the workplace and psychoactive substances use. Intervention model - 'Preventing and Intervening in workplace' and its application in Municipalities, Municipal Services and other public organizations.

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 16:50 to 18:20


The intervention on problems related to alcohol and other psychoactive substances in the workplace is based on the premise that use of such substances constitutes a health and safety problem which is susceptible to early detection and treatment, minimising the time of removal of the person from the workplace.

SICAD has developed health promotion programs within the scope of addictive behaviour and dependencies in the workplace, in dozens of municipalities, companies, universities and armed forces structures, using the Intervention model 'Preventing and Intervening In Workplace'. Intervention in a work context is developed through a methodology that implies, among other phases, the existence of a risk representation questionnaire, applied to the entire organization. We work with data from the last 10 entities where we develop Intervention models and present the most relevant results.

The target entities of the methodology and application of the questionnaire were nine municipalities and a structure of the armed forces, distributed regionally across the north and centre of Portugal and by a municipality in the region of the metropolitan area of Lisbon. The results of the data processing of the surveys/diagnoses show that in the target organizations of this methodology, 78% of the respondents refer the importance of intervention with the methodology used. Also, 81% of respondents mention that one of the consumption tracking mechanisms is important for the implementation of the project methodology.Intervention in a work context anchored in initial diagnoses proved to be a more adequate methodology and better oriented to the specific needs of each of the organizations. The data collected lead us to believe that this methodology can and should be extended to other public and private organizations, maintaining its level of adequacy and results.


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