Training of trainers and monitoring implementation of evidence based drug prevention in Pakistan

Thursday, 24 November, 2022 - 10:50 to 12:20


EU-Dap Faculty training of trainers network, established at HOGENT, carried out the training and certification of 5 qualified trainers of teachers, 1 qualified master trainer and for the sustainable delivery of the evidence based universal prevention program Unplugged. It exists of 12 lesson to be implemented in schools with youth between 12 and 14 years. Unplugged was first tested and found effective on substance use initiation and continued use in 7 European countries in 2007. Since, the programme raised interest in countries over the globe. Eu-Dap Faculty was established to coordinate training of trainers and lead cultural adaptation of the programme.

In the city of Islamabad, Pakistan, 14 3-day workshops were organized from August to November 2021 to select and train 5 trainers of teachers and one master trainer of trainers for the sustainable implementation of the Unplugged program in Pakistan. An online implementation system was developed and the program was translated and adapted to Pakistani culture in English and Urdu.

Main results include the delivery of 14 workshops and 6 qualified trainers (among them 1 master trainer). After year one, this reaches 26.880 pupils. After 5 years on an average of 6 workshops to be delivered by every trainer and 2 additional trainers every year, trained by the master trainer, it has the potential of reaching 1.637.760 pupils.

Training monitoring data show high satisfaction rates of participants after training, indicating feasibility, applicability and implementers’ readiness for implementing the program. Implementation data will be gathered from January 2022 onwards. The tangible results in Pakistan further underscore practical applicability and cultural fit of this comprehensive social influence program in countries as diverse as Germany, Pakistan, Peru, Nigeria, etc.

This project was funded under the EU-ACT program, EU action against drugs and organized crime.




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