Early Career Researchers

For the first time this year, Lisbon Addictions will feature a dedicated programme for Early Career Researchers (ECR). The initiative is open to any individual currently enrolled in a research programme who is attending the conference. The primary aim of the initiative is to inspire and empower young scientists by providing them with a dynamic platform for exchanging ideas and for accessing valuable information crucial for their career progression and personal development.

The ECR programme is an integral component of the conference and is coordinated by the EUDA in collaboration with other organising partners. The programme comprises dedicated events for networking, specialised sessions for capacity building, mentoring opportunities, and an ECR award recognising the most promising research endeavours. On-site activities at the conference will be preceded by remote online sessions in the run-up to the event. Further details will follow once the programme is finalised, but interested individuals may enquire about eligibility via email.

Who is eligible for the 2024 LxAddictions ECR programme?

An individual attending the 2024 LxAddictions conference currently enrolled in a research programme (full-time and from Bachelor degree to PhD and doctoral level).


  • An individual attending the 2024 LxAddictions conference through the Wave funding opportunity
  • An individual attending the 2024 LxAddictions conference for the first time through EU4MD funding or any other EUDA funding.

Please reach out if you have any doubts about the eligibility criteria.

What to expect from the ECR programme?

1. Mentoring

Creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation, poster, or delivering short communications can be challenging. To assist Early Career Researchers (ECRs), mentoring will be provided to refine their conference content.

The mentoring program will run from 1 August to 15 September 2024. The mentoring is open to ECRs only and covers oral presentations, short communications, e-short communications, and e-posters. This support aims to ensure that current research and outcomes are effectively communicated to the audience in the most engaging and impactful manner possible.

If you need assistance beyond the google form, please get in touch via the ECR email address.

2. Privileged access to side events

Seats have been reserved for ECRs in the following side events of the conference.

Please get in touch with the ECR programme via email to register (first-come, first-served basis).

3. Pre-conference networking cocktail (22.10.2024)

Registration for this event is required. More details to follow.

4. Exclusive sessions during the Lx Addiction conference (23-25.10.2024)

More details to follow.

Stay tuned for more activities in the run-up to the conference and visit this page regularly for updates.

Contact information: Dominique Lopez: ecrprogramme@gmail.com