• Medical Director Addiction Clinic,
  • Medical University Vienna
  • Vienna,
  • Austria
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Prof. Dr. Gabriele Fischer works as psychiatrist and human rights specialist at the Medical University Vienna, where she has been acting for many years as director of the Addiction clinic with a double affiliation to the Center of Public Health and Department of Psychiatry & Psychotherapy. Through her academic career she published more than 160 peer-reviewed scientific papers, many books in addition to > 600 international presentations, next to many international educational trainings in substance use disorder and related co-morbidities.For many decades she has been engaged as consultant for UN, WHO and other international organisations, next to her research focus is neuropsychopharmacology, neuroscience, comorbidity (like ADHD), sex/gender related aspects, cost-economy, vulnerable populations (prisoners, migrants) and human rights aspects in psychiatry with special consideration of substance use disorder. She also serves as an expert at CPT (Committee for the prevention of torture) at the Council of Europe next to many board & committee activities related to (poly) substance use.

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