• Professor of Psychiatry,
  • Yale University School of Medicine
  • United States of America
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Dr. Potenza is the Stephen M. Southwick Professor of Psychiatry, Professor in the Child Study Center and Neuroscience at the Yale School of Medicine, and he directs the Division on Addictions Research, Center of Excellence in Gambling Research, Women and Addictive Disorders Core of Women's Health Research at Yale and Yale Research Program on Impulsivity and Impulse Control Disorders.

He is a board-certified psychiatrist with sub-specialty training in addiction psychiatry. He completed all of his post-high-school training at Yale: BS/MS (Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics), MD, PhD (Cell Biology), internship, psychiatric residency and addiction psychiatry fellowship.

Dr. Potenza's research focuses on the neurobiology and treatment of addictions and other disorders characterized by impaired impulse control and reward-related motivations. He has contributed to our understanding of clinical and neurobiological underpinnings of these disorders, and their co-occurrences with other psychiatric disorders, and the development of prevention and treatment strategies. Dr. Potenza's research has applied neuroimaging, genetic, epidemiological and clinical trials methodologies.

Dr. Potenza is a leading figure in addiction research. He has published over 800 papers and chapters and is ranked first globally by the independent firm Expertscape in multiple clinical research categories including addictive, impulsive and compulsive behaviors. He has received multiple national and international awards for excellence in research and clinical care. He is a member of 15 journal editorial boards (including editor-in-chief of Current Addiction Reports), sits on the Boards of multiple national/international organizations. He is president-elect for the International Society of Addiction Medicine. He has consulted to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Registry of Effective Programs, National Institutes of Health, American Psychiatric Association and World Health Organization.

Dr. Potenza has mentored over 200 Scholars in clinical research and neuroscience. He also co-directs training programs focusing on addiction treatment development research at Yale and alcohol use, stress and psychopathology in Thailand. He is the President-elect of the International Society of Addiction Medicine and is multiple principal investigator on a grant to help support its main annual conference, including the involvement of early career investigators and addiction specialists.

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