• Senior Research Fellow,
  • French National Institute of Health and Medical Research
  • Paris,
  • France
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Marie Jauffret-Roustide is a Sociologist with an academic background in Political Science. She has a Position as Permanent Researcher at the French National Institute of health and Medical Research, Paris, France. She leads an international comparative research program on harm reduction policies with a focus on opioids overdose crisis, cannabis regulations and cocaine crack open drug scenes at an international level, in Europe and North America. Marie has supervised the evaluation of drug consumption rooms in Paris from a social science and public health perspective. She coordinates the D3S research program ("Social Sciences, Drugs and Society") for the Advanced School of Social Science in Paris. The aim of this D3S research program is to develop the visibility of social science research on drug policies at national and international levels and to facilitate the dialogue between researchers and civil society. She has been the president of several social science addiction conferences such as the International Society for the Study of Drug Policy in 2019 and Contemporary Drug Problems in 2023.

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