About Lisbon Addictions

From the outset, the European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies has been about stimulating and promoting high quality scientific debate, showcasing leading European addiction research in the specialist areas of illicit drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling and other addictive behaviours.

The event is co-organised by the Portuguese General Directorate for Intervention on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies (SICAD), the journal Addiction/Society for the Study of Addiction, the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) and the International Society of Addiction Journal Editors (ISAJE). It receives support by a variety of international, European and national organisations, networks and projects. More about organisers and partners >>

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of all, the next conference will take place from 23-25 November 2022. More news soon!

Previous editions

Lisbon Addictions 2019

The third European Conference on Addictive Behaviours and Dependencies, is a multidisciplinary conference that provides a forum for networking across the addictions. It took place in the Lisbon Congress Centre from 23–25 October 2019.

The overarching theme for 2019 was 'The future of addictions: new frontiers for policy, practice and science'. The conference has showcased cutting-edge research to help characterise, understand and respond to addiction and addictive behaviours. Download de LX19 magazine.

Lisbon Addictions 2017

The second edition of Lisbon Addictions was organized around three overarching themes:

  • Understanding addictions
  • From evidence to action
  • Addiction horizons

The conference was held in the Lisbon Congress Centre on 24–26 October 2017 and over 1 200 participants from 70 countries attended Lisbon Addictions 2017. The conference sold out several months before the event.

Lisbon Addictions 2015

The First European conference on addictive behaviours and dependencies was held in the FIL Meeting Centre in Lisbon on 23–25 September 2015. Over 600 participants from 58 countries attended the conference. The conference was organised around four general themes:

  • Addictions: a multi-disciplinary perspective
  • Translating research into policy and practice
  • New frontiers in addiction research
  • Challenges of addiction in an interconnected world
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