FuturiZe is a European project, co-funded by DG JUST at the European Commission, which will run from October 2018 to March 2020. 

The project aims to provide a space for EU-wide, multi-stakeholder and inter-sectoral networking and structured interactive debates, open to all conference delegates, focusing on key future scenarios in the field of drugs and behavioural addictions; the objectives of the debates are to boost knowledge exchange and collaboration among the primary stakeholder sectors, and to enhance and support future-oriented policy thinking in the addictions areas. The project will also set up an Addictions Foresight Network, launched at Lisbon Addictions 2019, with the aim of sustaining and extending the process started with FuturiZe.

The FuturiZe track activities will be hosted in a dedicated area of the conference centre – the Futures zone – which, as well as hosting sessions on forward-looking trends and topics, such as digitalisation, future drug policy, innovative monitoring and new therapeutic horizons, will be home to hands-on technology demonstrations, participatory brain-writing and interactive workshops with new serious games formats.