‘EMSS Nightlife survey’: design and snapshot of findings in 5 European countries

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 15:10 to 15:25
Networking zone 1 (N1)


Aims: Identify substance use profiles of young Europeans regularly attending nightclubs, festivals and parties via a longitudinal online survey in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and Italy.

Design: Online survey capturing detailed information on demographics, nightlife engagement, drug use, risks and experiences, harm reduction and mental health outcomes. The survey was designed to assess both retrospective (-12 months) and prospective (+12 months) transitions in substance use and determine factors associated with these transitions.

Recruitment: Baseline data was collected May 2017-November 2017, with a one year follow-up. Young adults who attended at least 6 dance/electronic music events in the last 12 months were recruited online and at festivals/clubs. Participants who completed the baseline survey were invited to complete the follow-up survey 12 months later.

Results: 8045 participants completed the baseline survey and 2897 (36%) completed follow-up. Drug use trajectories in the context of nightlife engagement and country differences will be discussed.





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