The alcohol consumption in the modern Ukraine: tendences and perspecties.

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 10:50 to 12:20
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Today in Ukraine, the problem of alcohol use has all the features of the epidemic process. However, the level of youth consumption has demonstrated a tendency to decline since 2007. There is an increase in the proportion of young people who has never used alcohol, from 9.2% -15.2% ( 2007- 2015). Regional aspects of East-West Studies Ukraine. Studies conducted in Kharkiv (7 Wave of research from 1995 to 2002) also prove that the peak in alcohol consumption was in 2014 - 89% versus 84% in 2016 and has a tendency to decrease. The "Investigation of the lifestyle risks of modern youth " conducted in the western region (2016), recorded that only 47% of adolescents consumed alcohol, 15% of whom subjectively noted the state of alcohol drunk.

What has changed in Ukraine?

External influences (globalisation):

The desire of young people to respond to fashionable western trends, broadcasted through the media, social networks, communication with peers from other countries. Activities of transnational networks with corporate standards for alcohol sale and use.

Internal changes:

- Strengthening control over alcohol use, time limitation for selling, attention from the public under the terms of the sale.

- influence of the revolution of dignity - due to the increase of personal responsibility of a citizen

- Public companies in networks (FB, Instagram, Telegram)

- The active role of young people to the flashmob)

-The increase in the cost of alcohol

- Different forms of prevention





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