Community-based alcohol prevention for youth – Evaluation of best practice implementation and local capacity building in the project 'Localize it!'

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 17:20 to 17:30
Networking zone 3 (N3)


Introduction: The project Localize it! aims to implement and strengthen community-based alcohol prevention for young people through best practice implementation and local capacity building in 22 municipalities across 11 countries in the EU. Participating municipalities have conducted needs assessments, established local round tables and have introduced a number of coordinated best practice programmes for youth-specific alcohol prevention. Results of the project evaluation will be presented.

Method: Evaluation of Localize it! addressed three different levels: first, establishment and development of the Localize it! network and good practice exchange on European level were assessed with semi-structured interviews and questionnaire assessments at 3 time points. Second, networking and exchange of good practices on the local level (round tables) were assessed by questionnaires and semi-structured interviews at 3 time points. Analysis of the networks on local level included identification of best practice examples for effective establishment and sustainable implementation of round tables. The third level of project evaluation assessed the alcohol prevention measures implemented as part of the municipalities’ action plans. These measures were evaluated following the RE-AIM framework (Glasgow et al., 1999). The framework represents a systematic approach to programme evaluation addressing the dimensions reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance.

Results: Results of the network and process evaluation will be presented with a special focus on hindering and facilitating factors for building capacity for youth-specific alcohol prevention on a local level and on hindering and facilitating factors for best practice implementation.

Conclusion: Results of the project evaluation will be included in the Localize it! manual which offers guidance and support for municipalities and local stakeholders who aim to introduce youth-specific alcohol prevention in their municipality.





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