Contextual analysis and comparison of nightlife cultures in five European countries

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 15:55 to 16:10
Networking zone 1 (N1)


To better understand the nightlife settings of the European countries involved in the ALAMA nightlife project one particular work package of the project focused on the description and analysis of nightlife culture in the different countries involved.

In a first part a content analysis was conducted – based on available information mentioned on the online electronic music magazine and community platform ‘Resident Advisor’. In the introductory part, an overview per country was given by analysing some descriptive variables at the level of the club. Furthermore, an in-depth content analysis of the top clubs in each country was executed by analysing the Facebook pages of these clubs to study the online communication among club owners and partygoers. In a second part, interviews were conducted with nightlife stakeholders to double check our main findings next to their knowledge and perceptions of the nightlife culture in their country.


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