Court proceedings and actions taken by a probation officer in work with people addicted to alcohol.

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 10:50 to 12:20
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Drinking alcohol is not harmful in itself, it becomes a problem when a person is found to be mentally or socially harmed as a result of substance abuse. The most dramatic effect of drinking involves alcohol dependence.

Often, addicts do not want to be treated, they activate the defense mechanisms without seeing the problem of their addiction and need to change. If the addicted person does not voluntarily start the therapy, the court decides that he/she will be required to undergo treatment in a rehab center. Persons who are required by the court to be treated may have a probation officer appointed. The purpose of such supervision is to supervise and care for an addict to perform the duty imposed by the court and, consequently, to change his or her personal and health situation. Practice indicates that the implementation of the routine treatment commitment is a long lasting thing, resulting in low effectiveness of addiction treatment.

Therefore, there is a need to seek new solutions in this area, to develop tools to increase the effectiveness of activities undertaken with addicts and to share experiences in the international arena. Currently in Poland, activities are underway to change the behavior of people addicted to alcohol. The project or already prepared programs will also be presented in this work.


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