Emerging or (re) emerging issues in gender issues in additive behaviour in women...


It is very common to consider that being humanistic is to think and value the human being, regardless of sex, gender, etc., and therefore, the gender perspective is unnecessary. Is talking about humanism enough to consider the differences in treatment between genders within the drug users? Humanism thinks the human in an abstract way, without considering the specificities of the subjects (being a woman, a black person, a child or an elderly person ...). In this context, the feminine has been historically invisible ("gender blindness"). However, humanism needs a reference to think the human, and it happens to be the white man, middle class and heterosexual. That is the criteria for thinking about social needs when speaking in an abstract way.
Nevertheless, the particular issues and social needs of women and people who use drugs reflect into poorly humanistic practices.
From the narratives of technicians and drug users, let’s reflect upon the emergent and (re) emergent aspects in the contemporary, analyzing the particularities of women with addictive behavior, gender issues in drug addiction, and barriers to access to human rights, health and social rights arising from the current paradigm.



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