ICHOM Standard Set development process

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 11:00 to 11:15
Futures zone 3 (F3)


To support the development of a core and minimum Standard Set in the substance use and addictive behaviours field, ICHOM has brought together an international and multidisciplinary Working Group of healthcare professionals, measurement experts, and service-user advocates. This group has undertaken an evidence-based, consensus building process to develop a first recommendation of a minimum, standardised, set of outcome domains and associated measurement tools relevant to those with disorders due to substance use or addictive behaviours.

This process involved a series of structured teleconferences around key topics, each followed by anonymous vote to determine the decisions taken forward. Additional work towards streamlining and informing the group discussions include: an extensive systematic review of peer-reviewed treatment effectiveness studies and relevant grey literature to identify an exhaustive list of possible outcome domains, measurement tools, and case mix factors; a modified 3 round Delphi process to determine which outcome domains to include; advisory groups with lived experience participants and technical breakout groups with Working Group members; review of case mix variables; and an open review period of 8 weeks external consultation with relevant stakeholders.

The outputs from this work will be a published as a ‘Standard Set’ of outcome domains, outcome measures, case mix variables and suggested timepoints of collection.




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