Photovoice: an innovative method for participatory recovery research

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 17:45 to 17:55
Networking zone 2 (N2)


This presentation focuses on Photovoice, as an innovative method for participatory action research to gain insight in recovery pathways of women, as several studies have reported personal and structural barriers to treatment for women (Greenfield et al., 2007; Schamp et al., 2018). Photovoice uses photography as a way to gain insight in individuals’ living situations and makes it accessible to others (Vervliet et al., 2017). In this sub-study in Belgium, 15 women meet bi-weekly over a 6-month period to select pictures, share and find common themes, related to facilitators and barriers for their recovery process. The shared narratives that are constructed through group meetings and individual interviews are recorded and analyzed using a directed approach to content analysis. During this presentation, the researchers discuss the benefits and challenges of Photovoice as a visual method, involving women in recovery as researchers in various phases of the research process (e.g. collecting data, analysis, valorization) to integrate their subjective perspectives and priorities, starting from a bottom-up approach.


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