Psychopathology profiles of substance abusers undergoing treatment using millon clinical multiaxial inventory – III


Subjects diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorders (SUD) undergoing treatment tend also to have another psychopathological diagnostic. Therefore, a complete psychological assessment should investigate psychopathological comorbidity and define a treatment plan that considers both diagnoses.

We found three distinct psychopathological profiles on a preliminary study conducted in a residential detoxification facility in Algarve – Portugal. The present study main aim is to describe the psychopatolgical profile of a larger sample, 289 substance abusers, evaluated with MCMI- III (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory – III), undergoing treatment in the same facilities. Using Cluster Analysis (K-Means Method) we intend to describe psychopathological profiles and, recurring to Chi-Square independent test, we evaluate the association between psychopathological profiles with specific substance use behaviors and gender differences.


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