Translation and adaptation of the health game Fume


Background: Despite the efforts and actions that have been developed in the context of prevention of consumption, epidemiological data indicate that intakes continue to begin in adolescence, a stage in which the brain is in particular development. In view of this problem and considering the fact that the adolescents present a strong adhesion to the new technologies, it was tried to know if there was any health game that allowed to ally the prevention of the consumption of tobacco. After a research, it was possible to perceive the existence of one health game, Fume, which was developed by Parisod et al. (2017) in Finland.

Objective: To perform the translation and cultural adaptation of the health game Fume.

Methodology: Translation and transcultural adaptation study. The process of translation and transcultural adaptation of the original script of the game to Portuguese was developed according to the recommendations of the Institute for Work and Health (Beaton, Bombardier, Guillemin, & Ferraz, 2007).

Results: Initially, the first translation of the Fume game script was performed, from English to Portuguese, by two translators, one with knowledge about the concepts and another who did not master the theme. Subsequently, a synthesis of the two translations was made, solving the possible discrepancies existing and elaborating a joint translation. The previous joint version was then retro-translated. The versions were reviewed by a committee of experts, and the pre-final version of the instrument for performing the field pre-test was developed.

Conclusions: Considering the positive effects of health games on improving adolescents' knowledge of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and the importance of early intervention in this population, the next step is to evaluate the effect of the Portuguese version of the health game Fume on health literacy of children and adolescents in school settings on tobacco-related issues.


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