REMOTE digital monitoring for risk of relapse – FuturiZe discussion and demo

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Friday, 25 October, 2019 - 09:30 to 10:30


Experience wearable and smartphone driven monitoring of behavioural and physiological indicators of risk of relapse during your stay in Lisbon Addictions 2019. This is the session which presents the results of priori participation in the REMOTE Fitbit test-drive experience (on Wed and Thursday).

HumanITcare is an Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) telemedicine platform that is developing an objective tool for mental health professionals and patients to monitor the course of disease based on behavioural indicators of risk of relapse, real-time medical support for patients, and on-going self-management of disease. The prototype tool collects health-related lifestyle behavioural data and physiological parameters using smartphone sensor inputs, wearables and mobile usage, to provide an accurate digital behavioural profile of the patient. Applying AI and machine learning techniques to this profile, the platform monitors behavioural changes over time that can be used as indicators of risk of relapse. The platform intends to provide objective clinical monitoring data using automated reports which save time at the follow-up visits in the clinical practice and allows for early detection of relapse.

We will present the preliminary results of the current testing using also audio-visual resources to showcase the impact of the platform in the clinical practice and the quality of life of the patients through interviews to healthcare professionals and patients. In order to bring our product closer to the LxAdd19 participants, we will invite a limited number of them to experience the monitoring in person and download our app and connect it to a Fitbit device we will provide only to use for the duration of the REMOTE experience at LxAdd19. During this session, Núria Pastor and Unai Sánchez (researchers at HumanITcare), and Elsa Caballería (researcher at the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona) will discuss the need and potential of a non-invasive objective monitoring in clinical practice, focusing on the facilitators and barriers to use wearable devices beyond research purposes. They will present both the results of the monitoring of the Conference participants and the preliminary findings from the ongoing clinical study in a sample of patients with dual diagnosis.

The workshop is organised as part of the EC co-funded project FuturiZe (

There is a limit of the Fitbit devices we are able to provide to the participants (30 devices)., and places in the workshop are limited - registration is required: