• Center Mahmoud Yaacoub for Urgent Medical Assistance
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  • October 24 18:05 to 18:20
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Ph. D in pharmaceutical chemistry with extensive knowledge in different fields in the pharmaceutical industry, including analytical development, method validation, Technology. Focus on analytical issues, with broad experience in environmental toxicology- Epidemiology and research of biomarkers, statistics and data modelling. Particularly interested in forensic toxicology.

Currently a postdoctoral Researcher and R&D chemical analyst at the Tunisian Public centre of Toxicology (CAMU) specializing in drug analysis and forensic medicine. His postdoctoral project is about the real-time detection and quantification of illicit drugs residues in wastewater influents. The approach will deliver real-time profiling of community drug abuse through the analysis of human biomarkers in influent wastewater. Utility in public health and forensic epidemiology.

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  • Plenary session
  • Poster session
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  • Workshop
  • Oral presentation session
  • Short communication session
  • Poster guided tour