• Senior Research Fellow in Addictions
  • King's College London
  • United Kingdom
In programme
  • October 24 13:30 to 13:45
  • October 25 11:35 to 11:45
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Dr Nicola Metrebian is a Senior Research Fellow in Addictions at King’s College London. She has 20 years in addiction research undertaking large clinical RCTS to assess the effectiveness of pharmacological and behavioural interventions for opiate users. Her research includes evaluating supervised injectable opiate treatment for hard to treat heroin users (RIOTT), and assessing the effectiveness of contingency management (financial incentives) in improving treatment outcomes for opiate users receiving opiate substitution treatment. In 2015 she received an EMCDDA Scientific Paper award for her paper published in the Lancet reporting on the benefits of using small financial incentives to encourage the completion of hepatitis B vaccination among individuals receiving opiate treatment. She is currently researching the use of mobile telephones to deliver behavioural interventions.