• Founding member & senior adviser
  • Public Health Alliance
  • Ukraine
In programme
  • October 23 10:55 to 11:10
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Dr Vyacheslav Kushakov has worked in the field of harm reduction/HIV prevention and care in Europe, Asia, and Africa since late 90s. Contributed to the scale-up of harm reduction in Ukraine, designed GFATM Rd 1 and 6 programs; USAID SUNRISE and HealthLink, Community Action on Harm Reduction in China, India, Indonesia, Kenya and Malaysia and other. Dr Kushakov conducted multiple assessments, program reviews and evaluations, data analysis and triangulation, designed tools such as Russian adaptation of Participatory Assessment and Response methodology; tools for the assessment of capacity development needs of Central Asian civil society organizations within the USAID-funded CAPACITY project; Country On-site Assessment and Planning Toolkit including Service Analysis Tool (developed for Community Action on Harm Reduction and successfully applied during the start-up of the program in Asia and Africa); French adaptation of the Participatory Site Assessment technique in Senegal. Conducted PWUD program reviews in Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova, Nigeria; ART programme assessment in EECA; assessment of preparedness of East African CCMs to the introduction and scale-up of harm reduction interventions; Secondary Data Analysis and Data Triangulation for Improved Data Use in Healthcare Facilities in Malawi, study of barriers and facilitators to the detection of HIV and access to care, and qualitative exploration of recreational drug scene in Ukraine. Dr Kushakov has also managed a range of social research in family, women, and youth studies.

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