Alcohol: risks, clinical considerations, treatments and outcomes

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This track is co-produced by the European Federation of Addiction Societies (EUFAS).

This track focuses on various aspects related to alcohol use, alcohol use disorder (AUD), and related topics with particular focus on:

  • Causality of Alcohol Use Disorders (AUD): (neuro)biology, genetics, microbiota, and alcohol-related liver disease.
  • Innovation in treating AUD: digital interventions, and opportunities to support recovery through the use of artificial intelligence and other new technologies.
  • Co-morbidity: risks, outcome predictors and clinical considerations.
  • AUD typologies and trans-diagnostic thinking: including the opportunities provided by network analysis and machine learning.
  • AUD across the life course. Developmental perspectives for responding to needs at different stages of life: foetal alcohol syndrome, prevention in adolescent, ageing populations



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