Bioinformatics approach to dual diagnosis: the Psygenet project

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 15:10 to 15:25
Insights zone 2 (I2)


Psychiatric disorders have a great impact on morbidity and mortality. Genotype-phenotype resources for psychiatric diseases are key to enable the translation of research findings to a better care of patients. PsyGeNET is a knowledge resource on psychiatric diseases and their genes, developed by text mining and curated by domain experts.We will present psygenet2r, an R package that contains a variety of functions for leveraging PsyGeNET database and facilitating its analysis and interpretation in the context of psychiatric comorbidity in addiction. We will discuss how Psygenet2r is especially suited for network medicine analysis, helping to identify genetic commonalities that might lead to the discovery of common factors in comorbidity, helping to identigy new and selective biomarkers.




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