NPS use in self-selected respondents of the population (EU web-survey)

Wednesday, 23 October, 2019 - 16:50 to 18:20
Central square 3 (C3)


At the end of 2017, the EMCDDA in collaboration with Reitox FPs from 10 EU countries undertook the EMCDDA coordinated, EU Web Survey. More than 31 000 participants took part in the second wave. 9805 respondents reported ever using NPS (mean age 24, median 22, 64% male) out of whom 5436 respondents had used in the last 12 months (17%).

The analysis of the results reveals that the highest numbers (10%) of respondents reported using synthetic cannabinoids. The most important reasons for using NPS last time were curiosity and the opportunity to use. Taking into account that NPS prevalence is not high in general population Web Survey using on-line questionnaire seems to be a good tool to look deeply in NPS users group.


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