Monitoring systems

Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 16:50 to 18:20
Insights zone 1 (I1)


During this session, we will present the monitoring system for ANDT, which is developed, administered and disseminated by the PHAS. The system includes around 250 indicators aimed at monitoring various aspects of the ANDT strategy over time. Due to convenient applicability, it is a resource for decision-makers and officials within governmental agencies, county administrative boards, county councils, regions, municipalities, and nonprofit organizations. The monitoring system includes data from PHAS and other holders on, for example, the use of ANDT from population-based surveys and morbidity and mortality caused by ANDT from national health registers.

Further, PHAS conducts a yearly survey of municipalities and county administrative boards regarding ANDT preventive activities and how the local and regional ANDT work is organized. This survey also include questions about supervision of the alcohol and tobacco acts. Since 2017, the national agencies assigned to be part of the implementation yearly report their activities connected to the ANDT strategy to PHAS. These data collections, besides supplementing analyses by population group, are further illustrations of how we fulfill the monitoring task. Questions and comments from the audience will be encouraged.




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