How to support the implementation of a comprehensive policy for alcohol, narcotics, doping, and tobacco from a public health perspective

The Swedish ANDT-strategy
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Thursday, 24 October, 2019 - 16:50 to 18:20
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Since 2016, the Public Health Agency of Sweden (PHAS) is assigned by the government to hold the overall responsibility for supporting the implementation of a strategy for alcohol, narcotics, doping, and tobacco (the ANDT strategy). The overall objective of the government´s strategy is A society free from narcotic drugs and doping, with reduced alcohol-related medical and social harm and reduced tobacco use. The strategy has six objectives and 23 target areas that, combined, are to help achieving the overarching objective. Social and gender equality is highlighted in the strategy and must be systematically taken into account in implementation and follow-up. This is in accordance with the public health policy of Sweden, to create social conditions for good and equal health throughout the population and to end the avoidable health gaps within a generation. The work is done in collaboration with 13 other designated national level agencies and the county administration boards throw which the local level municipalities are effectively reached, but also in dialogue with county councils and nonprofit organizations.

PHAS is responsible for: national coordination of national agencies active within ANDT prevention; ensuring effective and knowledge-based work; overall activity follow-up; administration and further development of the follow-up systems needed; and initiatives and measures to achieve the objectives.

Main messages: To share experiences from implementing a comprehensive national strategy for preventing problematic use, morbidity and mortality from alcohol, narcotics, doping, and tobacco considering equality in health.